Vic Williams was for well funded schools before he was against them

by David Safier
I've received lots of comments on yesterday's post about Vic Williams' statement, "In many ways we are handling some of our education problems through the budget." I asked for something from Vic on the campaign trail that talked about schools and money, and Patt supplied this:

I live in LD 26 too, and I save campaign advertising. I have a Vic Williams piece that says:
" Vic Williams will:
…Make a quality public education system a top priority by working to ensure that it is well funded, equipped, and ready to serve the needs of our children."

I guess "well funded" can mean different things to different people.

Patt continues with another statement I haven't tracked down, so I don't know the context:

But according to a piece sent out by the AZ Democratic Party, Vic said he wanted to take $400 million from schools. The statement is footnoted as a reference from KUAT, LD 26 House GOP Debate, 8/6/08.

If anyone has the time and energy to track down the original quotation, let us know.

4 responses to “Vic Williams was for well funded schools before he was against them

  1. Not sure about happenings in LD26, but the word is that a recall movement is in its infancy in LD 30 to remove Gowan and Antinori. Folks are unhappy with the slash and burning of education that these two supported.

    AZ’s recall law (which kept it from statehood at one point) has a 6 month wiating period for most offices, but not legislators. The gathering of recall signatures can begin 5 days after the start of the first session.
    Let the fun begin.

  2. I can’t find a reference for “massive cuts to education,” from 2006, but it makes sense since Al beat Toni Hellon in the primary. He won by being more conservative than his opponent.

    This is from the (2008)Vote for Al Melvin website:

    “Al Melvin will fight for:
    A QUALITY EDUCATION SYSTEM: The greatest indicator of someone’s future success is the quality of education they have received. As such, we have an obligation to give our children the very best education that we can. Unfortunately, our public school system is failing to do its job and it is failing our children. Whether because of a lack of competition or because of waste in a system that spends less than 60% of every dollar in the classroom, our schools are not getting the job done. It is not the fault of teachers, but rather politicians and their bureaucratic allies who put unions and administrators ahead of students. Unless we fix this broken system, we will not be able to compete in the world and improve our standard of living and quality of life. We need to better educate our students and give merit pay and other incentives to our better teachers.”

    No new ideas, just typical right wing talking points.

  3. You know, the state Dem party has been raked over the coals for its campaign flyers, rightly so. They were generally awful. For that reason, I’m not going to take what they say about Williams or Melvin at face value until I know the source they’re drawing this from.

    I saw both Williams and Melvin on the campaign trail a number of times, and they were both for strong education and higher teacher salaries. The Republicans don’t have a monopoly on twisting the truth. The Dems can do it too.

    So I’m going to take the flyers with a few grains of salt until I have direct quotes from the candidates.

  4. Thanks for the reference in your post. I found another piece from the AZ Democratic Party stating that Al Melvin “is leading the charge with massive cuts to public education.”

    That statement is footnoted as project Vote Smart, candidate Questionnaire, 2006.

    LD 26 was duped.