It has been a bad weekend for the 45th President.

First, he went off the rails and called two Jewish Congressional Chairmen overseeing impeachment and the Ukraine affair along with members of the squad “savages.”

Then the loyal surrogates sent to defend him on the Sunday talk shows (Rudy Giuliani, Stephen Miller, Jim Jordan, and Lindsey Graham) were all thwarted by Sunday Talk Show Hosts (George Stephanopoulos from ABC, Chris Wallace from FOX, Jake Tapper from CNN, and Margaret Brennan from CBS) who had the actual facts to throw their false insinuations back at them.

Please click on the loyalist’s name to see the video of how the discussions went.

These negative developments helped prompt the 2016 Popular Vote Loser to become further unhinged on Twitter, writing that:

  • Intelligence Committee Chairperson Adam Schiff should be tried for treason.
  • He wants to personally meet the whistleblower.
  • His impeachment, borrowing from one of his supporter’s sentiments, could lead to civil war.

Given Mr. Trump’s apparent inability to rationally handle the pressure of the situation, his talent for throwing more fuel on his own fire, and his threats (witness intimidation) against the whistleblower and all of the people that assisted him or her, perhaps Vice President Pence should think about the disability clause of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment and act accordingly with the other members of the cabinet that do not want this political tragedy to continue.

It would be better, as former Senator Jeff Flake wrote along similar lines in the Washington Post this morning, for the country if they put loyalty to the nation first over the Chief Executive Demagogue and their political party.

Featured Image from Law and Crime