While highlighting Republican-sponsored events in Arizona on October 3, 2019, with Senator Martha McSally and Governor Doug Ducey, Vice President Mike Pence sold his soul, and the American People out, for Donald Trump.

The Vice President, knowing the only way he remotely becomes the President in this alt-right incarnation of the Republican Party is to be 100 percent loyal to the 2016 Popular Vote Loser,  openly supported the Liar in Chief’s calls to look into the already debunked accusations against the Biden Family.

Mr. Pence did this:

  • While Individual One again betrayed his oath of office by publicly suggesting on the White House Lawn, that the Chinese, along with the Ukrainians, should investigate the Bidens.
  • While the former envoy to Ukraine (and Republican public servant) Kurt Volker testified to House Committee members that Trump consigliere  Rudy Giluani was too receptive to false reactionary Pro Putin Ukrainian conspiracy theories about the Bidens. He also testified that the new Ukrainian Government did not understand why its military aid had been cut off. He also provided copies of real-time texts that are interesting (potentially exculpatory) reads.
  • While his personal aides were doing their best to shield him from the impeachment quandary Mr. Trump faces.
  • When another whistleblower complaint surfaced regarding the audits of both the President and Vice President’s federal taxes.

Being a loyal soldier to the boss is one thing. Gerald Ford and Al Gore loyally supported Presidents Nixon and Clinton during their congressional investigations.

Openly spinning known fecal matter to further your ambitions (or worse cover your anus) is another.

Vice President Pence would have been better to just say “I am with President Trump” and kept his mouth shut while his aides endeavored to shield him.

By giving legitimacy to the false (and repeatedly debunked) narrative about the Bidens to the rapid Trump base and enabling this President to ask authoritarian nations like China with histories of human repression to investigate political rivals, he has shown that he is willing to put his own personal interests above the nations.

He has sold his soul at the expense of a potential political future for Donald Trump.

He has sold out the American People for the slim hope he will become Trump’s successor.

Trump and the Presidency are not worth it.

The American People and the Republic are and they deserve better than Vice President Mike Pence.