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Every imagine yourself as a 3 inch army man figurine? Most of us played with them as children, which I did with my two brothers.  Well, now you too can be one,  a custom made 3D scan in green plastic by the Army Man Project creators/artists Rudy Flores and Teresa Estrella.  But before you commit, check out the last weekend of the Series One of their 3D Printed Cultural Army (229 figures) at Wee Gallery, 439 N. 6th Avenue (SW corner of E. 6th St.) inside OZMA Atelier vintage clothing shop.  They’re open 11 to 6 pm. Friday & Saturday, 11 to 5 p.m Sunday. This show ends on Jan. 29.

We by chance dropped in on the opening reception on January 6, 2017 which was well attended, standing room only, with many people laughing & recognizing themselves along the walls of the display. Tucsonans are depicted doing many different activities, such as playing musical instruments, singing, jumping, riding a motorcycle, dancing, etc.  Here are some photos below of the show (courtesy of yours truly) of some of the people I know in Tucson.

Army men on view on shelf in Wee Gallery (along 3 walls)

Jeff Yanc (figure #208), program director at The Loft Cinema
Lisa Waite Bunker (figure #153), librarian at Joel D. Valdez main library
Daniel Buckley (figure #173), freelance journalist/filmmaker/composer/photograph-er, formerly at Tucson Citizen newspaper

If so inclined you can pay $65 or $80 for your own figure scan (by appointment):

3.25″ includes 3D scan, 3D printed figure, epoxy and custom laser cut packaging for $65.00, or 7″  includes 3D scan, 3D printed figure and epoxy (no packaging) for $80.00.

It’s fitting that this Series 1 first show of these army men (and women) is in the very small Wee Gallery (dimensions only 134″ x 154″ –three feet 7 inches x four feet 2 inches). Rudy Flores and Teresa Estrella say on their website, to stay tuned for Series 2 of this project. They worked for over 2 years to 3D scan and create these figures in green plastic and then hand painted them. Their artist statement from this show:

“300 people and 3000 hours later we are excited to announce our first show. Many thanks to Wee for offering the space to showcase all of these Tucsonans. We appreciate all of the support and patience everyone has shown since we started the project. We tried to work with as many people as possible. We have approached several people in the last two years but unfortunately we have to wrap up for this particular exhibit and hold off on additional scans. We have other dates lined up and we will be adding additional scans and figures to the future shows. A second smaller scale 2nd series will happen at some point. Teresa Estrella and I can’t wait to share this project with everyone. “(Rudy Flores)



  1. If you missed this miniature army men show at Wee Gallery, it is opening again at (appropriately) the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, 4455 E. Camp Lowell Dr. on May 9, to August 27, 2017. See

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