Vivacious “Voyage to Venus” on May 17


“A magical humorous show that transports the audience, along with a few intrepid explorers, to the planet of love and beauty — and to the enchantments and dangers of the female, erotic imagination. Decor, costumes, and props are inspired by George Melies’ wonderful 1902 movie A Trip to the Moon with an added contemporary “steampunk” edge.”

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Cast members: Julius Gordon in the role of Professor Peabody; Andy Harsin in the role of Marty; Joe Warren in the role of Jules; Joe Shetler in the role of PaulGuy “Josh” Josserand in the role of Andy;Diane Conrad Warren in the role of The Spirit of Venus; Alice Dmowski in the role of Venusian Mermaid;  Kathy Keler in the role ofCaitlin; Rhoda Cummings in the role of the Queen of Venus; Grace Gordon, Tracy Brown and Rebecca Tarantino as Venusians; Alison Torba in the role of the Voice of the VolcanoCarol Reinhart, Deanna Murray and Martha Van Winkle will perform as banner dancers.



One response to “Vivacious “Voyage to Venus” on May 17

  1. Hilarious musical comedy about 5 Venus Explorer Club members (all male) hearing of alien abductions, who bravely take a rocket trip to Venus. They meet the Queen of Venus, Venusian guardians & belly dancers, as well as a vicious Venus Man-Trap. The finale is a laughing Volcano who sings “I Give you Fever”, with audience participatory dancing to “I’m Your Venus of Fire” song. Quite a well attended play by a lively neighborhood theatre group.