Walk the Arizona Women’s History Trail

Celebrate Women’s History (“Herstory”) Month of March by walking the Women’s History Tour in Tucson, and viewing the current exhibit at the YWCA.

Just found out about the Women’s Heritage Trail project in Arizona, www.womensheritagetrail.org, featuring 18 posters of multi-cultural pioneer women on display at the YWCA – Tucson on 525 N. Bonita Avenue. Drop by that “How Splendid Our Past” exhibit M to F, 8 to 5 p.m. to read about the brave and strong women who built this SW desert area, the Trust Territory and State of Arizona.

This travelling exhibit is there indefinitely in the YWCA’s Frances McClelland Leadership Center room. One of the posters in this exhibit features Isabella Greenway, Arizona’s first Congresswoman.



More info about this exhibit at the YWCA (click here).

Also, just for fun, go to their link about the self-guided AWHT walking tour of women’s history in downtown Tucson starting at the Sosa-Carrillo House (151 S. Granada), proceeding to the interesting and infamous El Tiradito wishing shrine (420 S. Main St.), then to 10 other notable places in Tucson, including the former “Four Corner” Chinese markets (corner of Simpson x Convent Streets), and the Stork’s Nest maternity home (221 N. Court).  Tour link: http://womensheritagetrail.org/tours/brochure.pdf

Important sites in Tucson women’s history are researched & explained on the tour and brochure, including the residence of Atanacia Santa Cruz Hughes, wife of famous Tucsonan Sam Hughes (223 N. Main Ave.), for which the Sam Hughes Neighborhood is named.

Interestingly, the brochure mentioned the history of El Tiradito as “legend has it that this shrine is the burial spot of a murdered lover who had engaged in an affair with a married woman” and that “many say the young man was murdered for no reason”. Hmm, sounds like there might have been a reason… Go visit the site yourself to find out, and light a candle for the star-crossed  lovers.

The AWHT also has created a walking tour of lovely Prescott, which used to the Arizona state capital. Here’s the link to the brochure, which features some of those impressive Victorian mansions.

2 responses to “Walk the Arizona Women’s History Trail

  1. Went back for a 2nd look at the AWHT exhibit at the YWCA: several Hispanic and Native American women are featured, as well as a Chinese immigrant, mother of Esther Don Tang of Tucson. Those depicted are all strong, pioneer women of Arizona — from Bisbee, Parker, Prescott, Phoenix, Tucson. Several became politicians and one even got appointed to be Director of a federal dept. by President Jimmy Carter.

  2. Walked part of this trail today (in the hot sun) and found the Stork’s Next (called The Stork on the corner of Court/Council St.), then drove down to the southern section to see El Tiradito, El Teatro Carmen, the Theresa Marx Ferrin house (Cushing Street Bar & Grill now), the huge brick Immaculate Heart School & Convent (now lofts for rent), and finally the Temple of Music & Art, where ATC performs. Don’t forget to check out the exhibit at the YWCA, open M – F.