Washington legislator pulls gun-related bill because of threats


by David Safier

In a sane world, death threats from gun nuts would make the rest of society even more adamant about controlling the spread of the most dangerous weapons. But it's understandable that a sane person receiving those threats might back down.

Case in point: Washington state Rep Sherry Appleton (D) proposed a bill limiting the overreach of self-defense rights legislation. The purpose would be to limit the ability of people like George Zimmerman to invoke self defense as a reason for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

Disagree with her? Fine, argue your point and try to get her bill voted down. But that's not what happened. Appleton got so many threatening emails and telephone calls, she decided to pull her bill.

This kind of thing happens all the time when legislators propose gun violence legislation. Some understandably back down in the face of the threats while others hold firm. But the thought that advocating any kind of gun control means you're painting a target on your back puts a dangerous restraint on the discussion about guns.


  1. I remember when that article was in the news paper here in Seattle. What came to my mind when I read it was that Sherry Appleton was using the Zimmerman / Martin case for her basis for the introduction of the bill. Her bill was premature as the case has not come to trial and a verdict reached yet. She is basing her bill on what may not even be true. No one knows yet what really took place that night. Did you see the bloody face and head of Zimmerman sitting in the cop car. It was said that Martin had taken martial arts classes. Martin was said to be such a good kid, but he was staying in that area for a penalty of his behavior. Is that true or not.
    No one really know what the truth is yet. Bill to be make into law should be based on FACTS, not hearsay, opinions, or rumors. There can be a lot said about that whole circumstances and the aftermath uproar and even violations of the law by different organizations, but noting was done or said about that. To much emotion goes into legislation without the facts on many different subjects, just like global warning was found to be a hoax. Law makers are supposed to be intelligent enough to weigh out the real facts before passing laws. How many do not do that but go by EMOTIONS, WHICH ALWAYS ENDS UP TO BE THE WRONG LAWS. And like Pelosi said when Obama care was passed, “We have to pass it to know what is in it”. Any, I mean ANY, Republican-Democrats-Independent, should be drummed out of congress when they vote ON SUCH CRUCIAL BILLS WITHOUT EVEN READING THEM. And they wonder why they get so many e-mails, telephone calls, and letter. If they can’t understand that, then they are not doing the people any good except warming a chair in any congress and being a puppet to someone else’s agenda.