The Arizona Primary is not over yet but Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is not wasting no time in educating voters on the extremist positions of the two leading Trumpist Republican candidates for Governor, Kari Lake, and Karrin Taylor Robson.

In the ad, “Too Dangerous,” the Hobbs campaign brands Kari Lake as “radical,” “dangerous,” and “extremist” for her:

  • Embrace of conspiracy theories.
  • Position to criminalize abortion even in cases of rape and incest.
  • Approval of legalizing rocket launchers.
  • Support of using cameras in the classroom.

The ad concludes by stating:

“Kari Lake: She’s not just radical. She’s dangerous.”  

The second ad, called “More or Less,” depicts Extremist Karrin Taylor Robson as an insensitive plutocrat-oligarch who is only about enriching herself and the upper class. The ad claims that if elected, Robson would promote policies that:

  • Benefit the rich like her and companies like hers (and her husbands.)
  • Shortchange everyone else including school children and women who would lose their reproductive freedom including in cases rape and incest.

The ad concludes with:

“Karrin Taylor Robson: More for her. Less for you.”

In the press release unveiling the two ads, Nicole DeMont, the campaign manager for the Katie Hobbs Gubernatorial Campaign, conveyed:

“Katie Hobbs is prepared to take on whichever damaged candidate the GOP nominates. Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson face serious electability issues following a vicious primary that led them to take toxic positions that are far out of the mainstream. Lake and Robson put their own radical agendas and self-interests ahead of everyday Arizonans. The future of Arizona is at stake this November, with a choice between a dangerous candidate who leaves Arizonans with less freedoms, or Katie Hobbs whose humble upbringing inspired her to dedicate her life to empowering people across Arizona.”