Watch AZ Citizens Clean Elections debates online – LD 9 and LD 10 races


Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission held 2 debates recently in Southern Arizona.  The LD 9 House debate was held at PCC Northwest campus on Oct. 14 and the LD 10 Senate & House debates were held at PCC  District Office on Oct. 18.

LD 9:  Rep.Randy Friese (D), Pam Powers Hannley (D) and Ana Henderson (R), seeking 2 House seats.

Rep. Matt Kopec (D), who was appointed to this seat in January,  was defeated in the Democratic  primary on August 30 by Hannley.  State Senator Steve Farley in LD 9 is running unopposed.

Watch LD 9 video here:

LD 10:  State Senator David Bradley (D) being challenged by Republican Randall Phelps.  In the House, Rep. Stefanie Mach (D), Prof. Kirsten Engel (D) and Todd Clodfelter (R,) who ran twice before for this seat  — are seeking 2 seats. Mach is seeking her 3rd term, Engel is a political newcomer.

Rep. Bruce Wheller (D) is retiring from his seat in LD 10, thus there will be an open seat.

Watch LD 10 video here:

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016.  Early voting started on Oct. 12.