Watch Citizens Clean Elections debates for contested legislative races in LD 17, 18, 19, 21 in Southern AZ

The AZ Citizens Clean Elections Commission conducted several candidate debates for contested races in Southern Arizona.

LD 21  – held on August 23 (Senate & House)

Senate candidates: Senator Rosanna Gabaldon (D) vs. Jim Cleveland (R);

House candidates: Senator Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D) vs. challengers Damien Kennedy & Deborah McEwen (Rs); not participating – Consuelo Hernandez (D) for House

LD 17 – held on Sept 14 (Senate & House)

Senate candidates:  Mike Nickersen (D) vs. Justine Wadsack (R);

House candidates: Dana Allmond & Brian Radford (Ds) vs. Rachel Jones & Cory McGarr (Rs)

LD 19 – held on Sept. 29 (House only)

Senate uncontested;

House candidates: Sanda Clark (D), not participating – House Reps. Gail Griffin & Lupe Diaz (Rs)

LD 18 – held on Sept. 30 (Senate & House)

Senate candidates: Priya Sundareshan (D) vs. Stan Caine (R);

House candidates: Nancy Gutierrez & House Rep. Chris Mathis (Ds) vs. Linda Evans (R)

LD 20 races uncontested

For info on voter registration #s for each Legislative District (LD), go to this link: Pima County Recorder’s Office – Voter Party Totals by District

Watch these videos to decide whom to vote for in the upcoming General Election.

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2022