Watch online Clean Elections debate of Democrats seeking LD 18 Senate & House seats

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission held an online debate on April 21, 2022 between 7 candidates seeking the open LD 18 Senate and two House seats in the Democrat primary on August 2, 2022.  This debate is now online, moderated by Nick Phillips of AZ Capitol Times at:

Seeking the open LD 18 Senate seat is current LD 10 House Rep. Morgan Abraham, a businessman/Army veteran, and environmental attorney/law professor Priya Sundareshan.

Seeking one of 2 open House seats are Nathan Davis (former teacher/businessman), yoga instructor Nancy Gutierrez, LD 9 House Rep./attorney Chris Mathis, disability advocate Kat Stratford, and businessman Charlie Verdin.  Mathis is married to former 2010 Independent Redistricting Commission Chair Colleen Mathis (I). Verdin ran for Congress briefly in 2017 for CD2.  Davis ran for Amphi School Governing Board in Nov. 2020.

There is one Republican each running for both Senate and House in LD 18 in the General Election on Nov. 8.

Vote wisely on or before August 2 in the Dem primary for LD 18.

2 thoughts on “Watch online Clean Elections debate of Democrats seeking LD 18 Senate & House seats”

  1. Thank you, Carolyn. I watched this forum on Thursday. Good moderator, very well done. Good candidates. Only one clean candidate but all good. Thanks for featuring it. Valuable presentation.
    Lee Oler

    • Yes, we watched it live as well on Thursday night. LD 18 has several good candidates to choose from for Senate and House. Thanks for your comments, Lee.

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