Poor Donald Trump.

Not really.


Journeying outside of his self imposed bubble to two sporting events over the last week has allowed a sample of the majority of the American People that did not vote for the 2016 Popular Vote Loser to voice what they feel about Trumpist Policies.

At Game Five of the World Series, cheers for the troops devolved into largely boos and chants of “Lock him up” among the crowd when Mr. Trump was introduced.

On November 2, a similar scene unfolded at the Ultimate Fighting (Wrestling) Championship where fans largely booed Individual One and even held signs saying “Remove Trump” and “Impeach Trump.”

Reasonable voices in the mainstream like Senator Chris Coons and Joe Scarborough criticized the boos after the Nationals Game saying it was “UnAmerican” and wrong to publicly attack the office in that fashion.

Other more partisan pundits like Frank Luntz commented that the people doing the booing at the Nationals Game should be held accountable.

Good luck with that. What part of “that would be unconstitutional (that little thing called Freedom of Speech)” do Mr. Luntz and others feel like him not understand?

It should also be pointed out to conservative critics of the booing (many of whom had no problem when a sitting Republican congressman called President Obama a liar during a presentation to Congress or when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer verbally chastised him as he left Air Force One,) that the KKK Endorsed Candidate created this new low in mass behavior by encouraging his handpicked crowds to chant slogans like “Lock Her Up.”

The Liar in Chief is experiencing that profound Biblical prose: “We reap what We Sow.”

It is unfortunate that a sitting United States President is the recipient of a chorus of boos.

However, people should think and consider the reasons why Mr. Trump is getting booed at two different sporting events in two different states with separate mass groups of people. Could it be that, outside the Trumpist Bubble, there is not much support for his policies and presentation?

What they should not consider is taking away the people’s right to verbally express their feelings as long as they do not harm anyone.

Let Them Boo.

Featured Image from Business Insider of Donald Trump at the Ultimate Fighting (Wrestling Championship)