We should hear more from the Governors at the next Presidential Debates.


Once upon a time being a Governor was considered the ideal career to have before running for President.

That is not taking anything away from the skilled legislators that are running for the nomination. There are historical examples there as well (Lyndon Johnson is the best example) of effective legislators accomplishing great measures for the people while President.

However, being a Governor shows the voters that these individuals have demonstrated, at the state level, that they can handle an executive governing position.

Since 1901, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush had all been Governors before becoming President.

While these Presidencies all had varying degrees of successes and failures, their executive experience played a role in how effective (good or otherwise) they were as leaders and their rapport with others.

There are three two-term Democratic Governors who are seeking their parties Presidential nomination.

Given how former Governors have occupied the Oval Office approximately 60 out of the last 118 years, these individuals should be given adequate time at the next Presidential Debates to present their case to the American People.

Governor Steve Bullock from Montana

Governor Steve Bullock

Recently qualifying for the second series of debates, two-term Governor Steve Bullock has demonstrated that he can help enact a progressive agenda in a largely Republican state. Among the progressive measures enacted during his administration is:

  • Medicaid Expansion.
  • Adopting a state earned income tax credit.
  • Stopping the rise of college tuition.
  • Instituting an Apprenticeship program at community colleges.
  • Fighting against Dark Money interests.
  • Providing Net Neutrality.
  • Protecting members of the LGBTQ Community
  • Investing in Infrastructure.
  • Expanding the Middle Class.

Some Democratic operatives, knowing Bullock’s strength in Montana, want him to concentrate his efforts on running for one of the Montana Senate seats in 2020.

He should have the opportunity to make his case for the Oval Office first. There is still time to change his mind.

Governor John Hickenlooper from Colorado

Governor John Hickenlooper

Like Governor Bullock, Democratic operatives would like Governor John Hickenlooper to consider running for the Senate, against Cory Gardner in 2020.

There has also been some disarray and “rebooting” in Hickenlooper’s Presidential campaign.

Despite that, Hickenlooper, a former two-term  Governor from Purple-Blue Colorado also has a progressive record to boast about. During his time in office, Colorado:

  • Became a leading state in job creation.
  • Witnessed an expansion of workplace apprenticeship programs.
  • Adopted environmental regulations.
  • Saw the passage of gun safety legislation.
  • Expanded Medicaid and access to the Health Exchange marketplaces.

Governor Hickenlooper has spoken about the need for the Democratic Party not to veer too far to the Socialist left.

He is right about that.

Governor Jay Inslee from Washington State

Governor Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee has demonstrated a solid progressive record as a two-term Governor from Washington State.

During his tenure, the residents of Washington have seen:

  • A public health care option for Washington residents.
  • A Minimum Wage increase.
  • Paid Sick Leave.
  • Protected Net Neutrality.
  • Improved voting rights
  • A cleaner environment with many clean energy jobs.
  • Protections for minorities like Muslims and members of the LGBTQ community.
  • Investments in public education and infrastructure.

The media attention that Governor Inslee has received has largely focused on his platform to combat climate change. From what he has presided over in Washington, voters can see that he is more than a one-issue candidate.

All three of these Governors have demonstrated that they can achieve progressive measures.

With respect to the other candidates, these three have shown that they have the Executive skills to get progressive legislation passed.

They deserve more than five minutes at the next debate to present their case to the American People.

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