Wendy Rogers Makes the Top of the List of Racist Extremists for the Anti Defamation League

Wendy Rogers has made the news again…for all the wrong reasons.

This time it is the Anti Defamation League who has labeled her among the top in a list of racist and alternative reality extremists.

How did she accomplish this feat?

With social postings like this.

Or this.

Or this on Martin Luther King Day a couple of weeks ago.

Remember this is the person who is currently the Vice Chair of the Arizona State Senate Committee who was accused of harassing one of her staffers days after being sworn into office.

Commenting on Rogers latest outrage (please click here to see earlier articles where the former pilot has excelled in broadcasting her fringe views on everything from wishing for a return to McCarthyism to thinking COVID vaccines are a sign of the beast,) former Arizona Democratic Party Spokesperson and current Vice President and Director of Public Affairs for Matters of State Strategies Matt Grodsky relayed:

“Rogers is an embarrassment to the state and reasonable people everywhere. She’s the epitome of the dangerous burning dumpster fire that has become the right-wing of the Grand Old Party.”

Payson Hudson, the Vice President of the Young Democrats for Arizona issued a statement which read:

“We see the Republican Party embrace candidates who go against our ideals of a free and fair democracy. Wendy Rogers is a celebrity in the movement towards fascism and is being embraced by leaders of the Arizona Republican Party. We will work to organize rural communities in north eastern Arizona to outnumber her supporters at the ballot box.”

It is a sad commentary on our times that Senator Rogers has been the recent beneficiary of over $2.5 million (from mostly out of state) in campaign donations.

What were those donors thinking?

Rogers is clearly unfit for office. She needs to be retired at the ballot box this election cycle.

Hopefully, the voters in her new legislative district will possess more common sense and decide enough is enough when the November elections occur in nine months.