We’re #3! States Where It’s Hardest to Find Full-Time Work


hire meIt’s not surprising after 20+ years of trickle down economics and corporate welfare that Arizona has one of the worst performing economies in terms of job growth and employment opportunities. The 6 Republicans running for governor are preaching more of the same— more corporate welfare, more tax cuts for the rich, more Teapublican tinkering. We must end this cycle of economic oppression by the Arizona’s Tea Party. Step #1: vote for Fred DuVal for governor. He’s our best bet repairing our economy. Him– plus control of at least one chamber of the Legislature. All red state governments around the country– particularly Brownback’s Kansas and Christie’s NJ– are destroying state budgets with risky and untested Tea Party policies. Basta!

Check out the analysis of the 10 worst states for underemployment, unemployment, and growth. Arizona is #3. From 24/7 Wall Street

While the labor market has improved significantly since the depths of the recession in 2009, high underemployment may be an indication that the economy is still struggling. As of the first quarter of 2014, 13.4% of the nation’s labor force was considered underemployed, meaning they were unemployed, were working only part-time despite wanting full-time jobs or would like a job but had given up on actively looking.

The underemployment rate has dropped from its peak of 16.7% in 2010, which indicates that the labor market has improved. However, underemployment is still well above its pre-recession levels. Based on underemployment data for the first quarter of 2014, we identified the states where it is hardest to find full-time work.

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High underemployment is not unusual for many of these states. Even prior to the recession, five of the states…

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