We’re number one in education funding [for tuition tax credits]

by David Safier
Arizona has to take pride in whatever number one rankings it gets, especially in education, where it's at the bottom of the per student spending pile. So this is something to be proud of . . . I guess. According to Sen. Jorge Luis Garcia in an op ed in this morning's Star,

It is embarrassing that Arizona is No. 1 in giving away private school vouchers and No. 49 in per pupil spending for public education, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

One man's embarrassment is another's source of pride. Conservatives across the country look to Arizona as a bellwether state in the quest for ways to dismantle the traditional public education system. We're not only number one in private school vouchers, we were the first out to the gate — the first state to enact private school tuition tax credits.

0 responses to “We’re number one in education funding [for tuition tax credits]

  1. Florida’s voucher system was shown ineffective as per David Figlio’s study out of Northwestern University. Why push broken?

  2. David Safier

    Been there, done that, argued that, said that. We disagree. ‘Nough said.

  3. Matthew Ladner


    The sentiment expressed here is off base to the point of absurdity. Arizona public school funding has never been higher, which is an odd method for “dismantling the traditional public school sytem.” The districts received more than $9.2 billion last year, which is worth keeping in mind when complaining about a $50m credit.

    Total revenue per pupil in the districts is $9,700, in charters $7,800 and the average tax credit scholarship is around $2,000 for the limited number of students who get them. The facts simply don’t support the “gloom, despair and agony on me” song that the district school lobby never seems to tire of singing.