Republican Adam Morgan Wants to Work With Others as the Next Congressman from CD9

It is up to Republicans and Independents in the new Arizona Congressional District Nine to decide the fate of Paul Gosar.

Having moved his address to the new district that incorporates all or parts of La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, and Yuma counties after maintaining his residence in Yavapai, the far-right Gosar is hoping the residents of this new Congressional District will reward him with another term in the House of Representatives.

Not so fast, says West Point Graduate and Army Captain Adam Morgan, a Republican.

A specialist in cyber security and father of four, Morgan, like many residents in the new CD-9, has had enough of the fringe (at times racist) political drama and anti-democratic/January 6 baggage surrounding Mr. Gosar.

Note: There is no Democrat or independent who qualified for the ballot. As a result, August 2nd is effectively the election in CD9.

He wants to become the next Representative in CD-9 by appealing to Republicans and Independents that want to focus on:

  1. Protecting the Constitution (Gosar, according to his actions and statements before and since January 6, 2021, has a problem in this area.)
  2. Economic development, including the expansion of the mining industries.
  3. Protecting the border.
  4. Protecting the water supply.
  5. Improving the country’s cybersecurity capabilities.
  6. Better representing the needs of the community/congressional district.

Morgan graciously took the time to discuss his candidacy to become the next representative from the new CD-Nine.

The questions and his responses are below.

1)    Please tell the readers two reasons you would like to become the next house representative from Arizona House Congressional District Nine.

“First of all, for me, I think we are desperately in need of federal representation that addresses the needs of the people in the district.

Second, the excuse of using an opposing political party or even more recently people within our own party as a reason for not getting anything done is, getting very old. If you can’t work with other people for things that we need here at home, then let’s try to find people that can do that.

That’s the kind of representative that I’ll be for Congressional District Nine.”

With regards to working with anyone, that means you can work with a Mark Kelly or Kyrsten Sinema or Greg Stanton as well as Debbie Lesko or David Schweikert if it is to the benefit of Congressional District Nine and the people of Arizona?

“Yes. I could work with anyone anywhere, anytime. I mean, I think that’s what people elect officials to go and do, and to not just come back and say, well, I can’t because this is broken or their system is broken. Well, that may be true. So let’s put people in there that, that still believe in America and still believe in the people and still believe in trying to get stuff done.”

2)     Please tell the readers, what are at least two qualifications you have to serve in the House of Representatives.

“Let’s start out with West Point and serving in the Army as an officer. I then worked at the Pentagon and I’ve worked with different governmental agencies across the U.S. I think that gives me a lot of insight into how the federal bureaucracy works. If you pair that with the understanding of the things that the district needs and how the U.S. House is the first branch of government for the people and how we can help to tie and connect the states and the local and everything we need, I think it makes me uniquely qualified.

Also since this is my first foray into politics, I don’t owe anything to anyone, but the people of this district, which is refreshing, I think to everyone I’ve come across.”

3)    In your opinion, what are the three most important issues facing Arizonans and the American people?

“Water is just vital here in this area. This district extends from the Hoover Dam down to Yuma and then into Maricopa. So right. The Colorado River rights are extremely important.

Water ties into the next thing, which is the economy and then responsible growth here, population growth and industries and all those types of things. We’re seeing, I’m talking to plenty of people and I’m feeling it as well with the prices of everything going up. Especially for people in this area that are on social security or they’re retired or they’re moving in here from other areas, you know, to be able to afford housing and medicine and those types of things is becoming more difficult.

Third, we’re here on the Southwest border. So that is something that’s extremely important to people as well. It ties back into the economy and understanding how we can kind of improve immigration laws, make things more streamlined so that people can get to where they work jobs and to do things and, and be a part of the system. So those are the things that I would say are the top three that most people are concerned about right now.”

Would you like to discuss the importance of having a sound cybersecurity system for the country?

“There’s obviously a physical border we need to protect here.

But there’s a virtual border that I think is being almost completely ignored in Congress. I don’t know if part of that is people have different agendas or it may just be there is a generational gap in understanding technology and why we need younger leadership, especially in the Republican party.

I have worked in cybersecurity. You know, cryptocurrency and tracking those types of things and also cybersecurity software fuzzing, protecting networks, weapons systems, those types of things.

I work for a company that actually protects radar systems and airplanes and those types of things right within the government networks, from attacks, from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

Look what’s going on now in Ukraine.

Tactically, this definitely was not what the Russian Federation was hoping for. They’ll adjust with their next steps.  I don’t think that their next steps are necessarily going to be to try to expand their physical footprint, but they’re going to go back to a lot more of this virtual warfare.

And so while government networks are certainly talking about banking systems, and the electric grid, we can look at the Colonial Pipeline, it doesn’t take that much to really cripple our economy. If we don’t get a handle on that and start making sure that the industry is working with the DOJ and DHS to make sure that they’re protecting those systems correctly, we could really wake up tomorrow and the next thing you know, we don’t have electricity for a week until it comes back on.”

4)     Please explain your views on border security and immigration.

“I think there are two issues here that are important. There are state’s rights for borders when they border other countries and then the federal government’s role. And I think the federal government certainly should be taking the lead, but if they won’t or can’t, then states should be able to take steps to finish the wall or protect their own border.

But we can’t only rely on old methods. Physical symbols are important. The wall is important. I’ve worked with the Southwest border initiative and, with DHS, CBP, and ICE and they’re chronically underfunded and undermanned, and they need help in the form of not just personnel, but updated technology.

Another issue the US is really coming to terms with is decades of confusing and ineffective immigration policy. When I talk to business owners and people here in CD Nine, they talk about friends and neighbors or employees that got here legally but couldn’t stay here legally through no fault of their own.

Because of the ineffective bureaucracy and not having a path for the people here that wanted to be a part of the system, pay into the system, do all the things that they were being asked to do, and then they can’t get their visas extended or they can’t get back home and get them back. So I really think if we don’t address that problem as well, we’re going to be looking at decades and decades more of this.

If you can’t find a way to get the people that need to be here, want to be here for the right reasons, people coming from other places in the world with talents and who want to work hard and be part of this American Dream. If we can’t find the right ways to do that, we’re going to be the ones that suffer and people will be really forced to come here illegally and then they don’t get into the system and then all the problems that people have with people not paying into different things or taxes, social security will just increase. So really, I think it’s down to the elected officials to make sure that they’re giving the right resources to the agencies that should be handling that; sharing information between those agencies and then coming up with policies that just make sense for everyone and get people to where they need to be and help businesses and help the economy grow and really like help people become part of that American Dream.”

5)    Please explain your views on funding to the police and law enforcement reform.

“Having worked with law enforcement in my professional career, I recognize that they are standing in between us and in dangerous situations. They have a tough job and that’s across federal, state or local enforcement, I do think it’s the responsibility of the government and elected officials to make sure that law enforcement has very specific lanes and very specific-defined duties of where they are and they are able to stick to those. It’s acceptable to say that we fully support law enforcement and we fund them accordingly with the right training, the right equipment and the resources they need.

We should also say that they do work for the citizens and so they shouldn’t be overstepping what they need to do. They have an obligation to treat everyone fairly and not to resort to methods that would impose on our civil rights or the Constitution.

They should understand that we support them and understand that they are in difficult situations and they’ve been put there and it is our responsibility to make sure that we find that right balance between giving them everything that they need to fulfill their duties while also recognizing rights that we have as citizens.”

6) Please explain your thoughts on the expansion of mining and how to protect people and the land from possible contamination.

“Mining in Arizona can benefit our economy by providing jobs and additional tax revenue, but also increasing our national security by reducing the number of materials we rely on from other nations. Gold, silver and manganese all have high tech and industrial capabilities that are currently not being met because of bureaucratic hurdles and our representative in Congress being unable to work through these issues.

The first step in ensuring responsible growth of our mining sector without damaging surrounding communities and our environment is by connecting the Arizona Mining Commission with federal agencies like the Departments of Labor, Interior, and Agriculture. They have worked in the past on solutions that are agreeable to industry and environmentalists. With the proper leadership, our district will benefit from this again.”

7)    Is there anything that is covered in the first six questions that you’d like the readers to know about you and your candidacy?

“I would just want to make sure that everyone that’s going to be reading this or following you understands that in this district, there’s not going to be a general election.

There wasn’t a Democrat or independent that qualified for the ballot. So August 2nd is effectively the election here.

I hope that everyone takes it upon themselves to show the Republican Party, the state and the nation that here in this district, the people still rule.

We can do that by going to the polls and making sure that we vote in the election. And then if anybody wants to do anything to help out or to learn more, they can go to our website, which is

We’re always looking for more volunteers, and people to talk about this and spread the word. And if we don’t do that soon, by August 2nd, we may just be faced with the same old thing again.

So, as I get out and tell people, especially people who consider themselves independents, to make sure that they go out and vote. Independents can vote in the Republican primary.

A lot of people that we got to sign our petition had no idea that that was the case. I really just think it’s important for us to participate and to make sure everyone comes out and votes on August 2nd.”

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