What could possibly go wrong?


by David Safier

Joe Arpaio wants to create a gun toting volunteer posse to hang out on the perimeters of school grounds and protect students from harm. Imagine the people who would answer Arpaio's call: wild-eyed or squinty-eyed wingnuts with their guns at the ready waiting for — hoping for — something to happen. They'll know someone is suspicious because, well, because he looks suspicious. That probably wouldn't include a clean cut white guy or a white student, the two groups that best fit the profile for a school shooter.

And if someone slips by the volunteer's guard and shooting erupts at the school, what does he do? Frantically dial 911? Freeze in terror? Run into the school in a panic, ready to shoot at anything that looks like it might be a threat?

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. Unless the word “Arpaio” is accompanied in a sentence by “retires”, “resigns” or “indicted”, it’s guaranteed not to end well.

  2. Agreed. Given how women, gays, and people of color are treated in the Maricopa County Jail, I would be worried if I had kids in the Phoenix school system.

    “Volunteer” posse? Not even real officers? Is he nuts? Oh, yeah, he is.