In a glaring example of law enforcement bias and white privilege, newly released videos show the idiocy and, yes, probable racism, of some members of the Kenosha Police Force as the perpetrator of the killing of two innocent protestors, 17-year-old brainwashed Trump Zone cult follower Kyle Rittenhouse, was able to walk past detachments of law enforcement while carrying the murder weapon (in full sight) he used to kill them.

Watch the video below. It is disturbing and it is astounding what will be seen.


If Kyle Rittenhouse was Black or Latino or Native American or Muslim, is there any doubt how different law enforcement may have reacted.

If he was not white, Rittenhouse would, at best, be sharing a hospital room with Jacob Blake, the man shot seven times by law enforcement officers over the weekend that sparked the latest protests.

At worst, he would be dead.

What makes this law enforcement behavior more disturbing is that police were openly sharing water and thanking these militia figures for helping them patrol.

Please watch the video below.

The militia should not be encouraged to stay. They should be told to go home to wherever state they came from and have their weapons confiscated. They should have been arrested if they stayed.

Again, how would Kenosha Law Enforcement have reacted to the militia members if they were not white?

Moving Forward

Some facts need to be understood as people move forward from these tragedies.

  • The great majority of the protestors are peaceful and want to help make the world a better place.
  • The few fringe protestors that are not peaceful have no right to loot, vandalize, or harm anyone. They should be condemned and when caught harming others or damaging property, arrested.
  • There is no place for an armed militia in these settings whatsoever.
  • The great majority of law enforcement personnel are good people and are committed to serving all members of the public, regardless of what race, religion, or sexual orientation the individual belongs to.
  • The few fringe law enforcement officers who maliciously harm people because of prejudice do not belong anywhere in that profession. They should be thrown out before they harm anyone and incarcerated if they do. Whether the law enforcement officers who shot Mr. Blake belong in this group or the one listed above is yet to be officially determined. Please click here to see the latest update on the investigation.
  • Defunding the police is not an option. Reforming law enforcement and better training police officers is.

That said, it needs to be stressed again that members of the Kenosha Law Enforcement wrongly acted yesterday in the immediate aftermath of Kyle Rittenhouse killing two innocent people.

He should not have been allowed to leave Kenosha and sleep in his own bed in Illinois before being arrested by his own community police.

Furthermore, Kenosha Law Enforcement should not have been palling around with these militia types at all. These police officers, at least, need corrective training to mold them into better, more socially aware, guardians, of society.

Some of them may need to do society a favor and leave the profession, never entering it again.

Americans are capable of rising above these tragedies, learning from them, and building a better, more inclusive, and just society.

The first step for the members of the Kenosha Police Force who let Rittenhouse go home is to recognize their mistakes and say “we f..ked up. We want to make sure it never happens again.”