Jerry Sheridan is like Donald Trump.

Like Trump, he appeals to the fringes of the Republican Party.

Like Trump, he likes to distort his opponent’s record.

Like Trump, he has encountered and skated by legal difficulties, saying he was the real victim.

Like Trump, he professes to be a strong leader.

Like Trump, he is not.

All of these attributes were on full display when the former Arpaio Chief Deputy and Republican Nominee for Maricopa County Sheriff attended a meeting of College Republicans United, a splinter group from the mainstream Arizona State University Republican Student Group.

Members of this organization think Kelly Ward and Daniel McCarthy are mainstream politicians and the ASU COVID policy with regards to mask-wearing and social distancing compromises personal freedom.

Nothing more needs to be written.

From the outset of the meeting, one could possibly discern that Mr. Sheridan did not want to be at the event. At least twice, he mentioned the controversy that had been brought about by the student group because of their announcement that they wanted to use the occasion as a fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who crossed state lines with an AR-15 and allegedly murdered two innocent protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The members of College Republicans United have taken the position that the person illegally carrying the AR-15 who crossed state lines was attacked and acting in self-defense.

Back to the event.

Saying “I gave my word” at least twice to attend the meeting and was happy to be there, Mr. Sheridan proceeded to discuss his career and qualifications for office.

He then went on to attack Paul Penzone, the current Maricopa County Sheriff, accusing him of:

  • Poor leadership.
  • Creating a climate of poor morale at the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Not taking proper COVID 19 mitigation efforts for Deputies charged with interacting with infected inmates.
  • Disbanding Sheriff Arpaio’s Posse.

The Republican Maricopa County Sheriff Nominee then appeared to present a picture of Maricopa County, similar to how Donald Trump has described areas of the country: as uncontrolled hot spots of crime-infested rioters and anarchists.

What county is he living in?

Mr. Sheridan did say that people have a right to peaceably protest (duh.)

He also said that rioters and looters should be arrested and prosecuted (duh again.)

Saying “I am not afraid to make controversial decisions (a comment that probably sent shivers up the spines of the sane people who attended the event,)” Sheridan concluded by reaffirming he would bring strong leadership back to the County Sheriff’s office.

It was at the end of his presentation that Mr. Sheridan demonstrated he would not.

Instead of staying around to answer any last-minute questions from attendees (he did respond to some after his presentation,) or show support to the causes, the College Republicans United Members believed in, Mr. Sheridan bolted the event just before they commenced the fundraiser for Mr. Rittenhouse.

Strong leadership my tuchus. Like Trump, he bolted at the first sign of controversy and ran like hell.

Hopefully, the members of the College Republicans United will realize that Sheridan is just using them to solidify support with his base.

Commenting on Sheridan’s statements against Sheriff Penzone, Sophie O’Keefe Zelman, the Democratic Nominees campaign manager stated:

“Sheriff Penzone took an Office that suffered years of abuse and corruption at the hands of his opponent and restored it to a professional law enforcement agency. He dramatically increased hiring, reduced lawsuits, and came under budget each year of his term all while providing employees with long-overdue raises, purchasing much-needed safety equipment, and starting a first of its kind employee wellness division. The MCSO is now an organization that works to serve and protect the hard-working people of Maricopa County by prioritizing public safety.”


It should also be noted that:

  • Of the Posse members Mr. Sheridan would like to reorganize, only four of the 235 original members passed the necessary background checks and testing. 
  • Mr. Sheridan’s assertions on staffing and COVID 19 infections are exaggerated. Please click here to see the July 23, 2020 update report.

Maricopa County does not need another Trump-Aspiring Duce in the Sheriff’s Office. Remember how well it turned out the last time with Sheriff Penzones Predecessor.


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