Over the last few days, commentary pieces in the Washington Post and New York Times have noted that the President’s reputation as a great dealmaker is overrated.

His reputation as a huckster and charlatan who successfully reneges on deals is secure and on the mark.


As the two writers in those articles pointed out, the Liar in Chief has failed to:

  • Get Mexico to pay for a new border wall.
  • Achieve a new trade deal with China. The new N.A.F.T.A. with Canada and Mexico is currently in legislative limbo.
  • Get a better nuclear deal with the Iranians.
  • Work with Congress on a vast infrastructure program.
  • Provide a new health care plan that is better and cheaper than Obamacare.

Recently, the President was a no show as he sent his Vice President and Secretary of State to Turkey to work out a cease-fire at the Northern Syrian border.

Their deal-making prowess was so good that they forgot to check with the Iraqi’s if it was okay to move the American troops stationed in Syria to there.

Their negotiating skills were so impressive that Russia, after concluding their own deal with Turkey, is the new power broker in this area.

The Great Dealmaker, in another example of speaking loudly and carrying no stick, was also a no show during the GM Autoworkers strike over the last month.

The automotive plant in Lordstown Ohio that Mr. Trump wanted to be reopened apparently will not be any time soon. The still to be approved deal concluded between the union and management had no input from him.

People should recognize by now that the Great Dealmaker does not live in the White House.

To think otherwise would be delusional at this point in this administration.

This country needs someone in the lead that knows how to negotiate with people, bridge differences, and arrive at a consensus.

There are 378 days to find one if impeachment does not come first.

Featured Image from MSNBC.