Forty Years Ago, AT&T launched a famous customer outreach campaign called “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”

Well, that phrase has new meaning when you consider the reporting from CNN that Trump has been, despite the urgings of United States security, using his unsecured personal cell phone for years, as the Russians and Chinese listen in.

Unfortunately, this is not news. Individual One, since becoming President, has repeatedly ignored warnings not to use his personal cell phone device.

It has been reported by the New York Times that Chinese and Russian Intelligence has listened in on Trump’s conversations while on his personal cell phone.

Mr. Trump, the person who has lied to the American People over 13,000 times, has denied he is using his personal cell phone.

What makes this more remarkable is that the United States House of Representatives has not launched an investigation into this.

If the President of the United States has actually compromised National Security by ignoring security protocols and continued to use his personal phone where conversations can be listened to by foreign intelligence sources, that should be considered more of a high crime and misdemeanor than the July 25th telephone call with the Ukranian President.

Why have the Democrats not made more of an issue with this?

Why have the Republicans, who blasted Hilary Clinton for using an unsecured email server, not issued the same level of condemnations on Trump?

It is time for the public servants who represent America’s interests to look into this.

If the President did nothing wrong with his personal cell phone, fine.

If he did, then the Congress should consider another Impeachment Inquiry.

This is not about party politics.

This is about protecting the country.