While this country celebrates its Independence, Arizona’s Republican House Members vote NOT to secure our national elections.


It has been quite a reactionary couple of weeks for the four members of Arizona’s Republican House Delegation.

In unison, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, Debbie Lesko, and David Schweikert all thought the best way to protect our federal election system was to vote against measures designed to secure them.

Hopefully, their constituents will have an opportunity at any public functions they appear in during the July recess to ask them to explain why they took the position not to protect our country from the type of electoral interference that was seen in 2016 and attempted again in 2018.

If the constituents of these representatives get an opportunity to question them about their vote on not securing our federal elections, they might also take the time to ask why they all voted against:

  • The supplemental legislation to fund border protection and living conditions for the immigrant children separated from their parents. All but Lesko voted against that.
  • Funding the Justice Department.
  • Funding Science Appropriations.
  • Funding for Health and Human Services.
  • Funding Education.

What sort of political party takes such a backward position in not funding public schools, helping the sick, aiding the vulnerable, protecting the innocent, and promoting innovation?

Arizonans in Congressional Districts Four (Gosar) Five (Biggs), Six (Schweikert), and Eight (Lesko) should wonder what their representatives are doing in the office they hold if they do not work to protect the nation or the people most in need.

These Arizonans must also be made aware that there are individuals, in the Democratic Party, that are running to replace these individuals in 2020 and defending our nation, moving the state and country forward, and protecting the vulnerable are their main reasons for wanting to serve. These candidates to be considered are:

Joan Greene in Congressional District Five

Anita Malik, Stephanie Rimmer, and Dr. Hiral Tipirneni in Congressional District Six.

Michael Muscato and Bob Musselwhite in Congressional District Eight.

These Democratic candidates would very much like the citizens in these districts to research them and, hopefully, offer them their support, so they can move Arizona and the country forward again.

Map of Arizona’s Congressional Districts from Wikipedia