Who woulda guessed?

by David Safier
You know that Republican budget plan to sweep $210 million from city impact fees I posted about last night? You'll never guess where the idea came from.

A legislative plan to balance the state budget by stripping cities of $210 million collected from developers is actually coming from the people who have been working to limit the ability of cities to collect the fees in the first place.

Connie Wilhelm, executive director of the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, said it was her group that crafted the plan and gave it to Republican legislative leaders. Wilhelm said the developers are simply interested in helping the state get out of the $3 billion deficit.

Republicans supporting the limited self interest of business groups? Who woulda guessed?

UPDATE: If we had The Arizona Daily Show, our Jon Stewart would have it pretty easy. The Republicans keep writing all the material. He could just quote it and roll his eyes. Cue laughter.

Here's the latest. The Republicans didn't really plan to keep all those impact fees they want to sweep up.

Kavanagh said any money the state might take from the cities would be reimbursed.

"I would certainly want to pay it back," he said.

Note the phrase, "want to pay it back." Unless something else came up, of course.

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