Who’s running for Pima County elected offices in 2020?


Here’s the list of who’s running for various Pima County offices (three open), including the 5 seats on the Pima County Board of Supervisors (two open).  Primary Election is on August 4, 2020, with the General Election on November 3, 2020.

Pima County Assessor (open seat – Dem primary only, no Republicans running; Democrat Bill Staples retiring)

Suzanne Droubie (D) ran for this seat as Independent in General 2016

Brian Johnson (D), ran for this seat as Democrat in 2016 Primary (2nd in 2 way race)

Dustin Walters (D)

Pima County Attorney  (open seat  – Dem primary only, no Republicans running; Democrat Barbara La Wall retiring)

Laura Conover (D)

Mark Diebolt Jr. (D)

Jonathan Mosher (D)

Pima County Recorder  (open seat; Democrat F. Ann Rodriguez retiring)

Kim Challender (D)

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly (D)

Benny White (R)

Pima County Sheriff

Kevin Kubitskey (D)

Chris Nanos (D), former appointed Sheriff, ran for this seat in General 2016

Mark Napier (R), incumbent

Pima County Superintendent  of Schools

Dustin Williams (D) incumbent, unopposed

Pima County Treasurer

Brian Bickel (D), ran for Pima County Supervisor D 1 in General 2016

Beth Ford (R), incumbent

Pima County Supervisor District 1 (open seat; Republican Ally Miller retiring)

Brian Radford (D)

Rex Scott (D)

Bill Beard (R), former Chair of Pima County Republican Party, ran for Pima County Recorder in General 2012

Rhonda Pina (R), Councilmember Oro Valley Town Council

Steven Spain (R)

Vic Williams (R), former House member in LD 26, ran for this seat in 2012 in Republican primary (3rd in 4 way race)

Pima County Supervisor District 2

Dr. Matt Heinz (D), former LD 29 House member; ran for CD 2 House in Dem primary 2012 (2nd in 2 way race), General 2016, Dem Primary 2018 (2nd in 7 way race)

Richard Hernandez (D)

Ramon Valadez (D), incumbent

Anthony Sizer (R), ran for LD 14 House in Republican Primary 2016 (3rd in 4 way race for 2 seats), LD 2 House in General 2018

PIma County Supervisor District 3

Sharon Bronson (D), incumbent

Juan Padres (D)

Gabriella (Saucedo) Mercer (R), ran for CD 3 House in General 2012 and 2014

Pima County Supervisor District 4

Steve Diamond (D)

John Backer (R), ran for this seat in Republican primary 2016 (3rd in 3 way race)

Steve Christy (R), incumbent

Pima County Supervisor District 5 (open seat. due to recent death of Democrat Richard Elias)

Trista Di Genova-Chang (D) – removed due to insufficient signatures 4/29/20

Adelita Grijalva (D), Board member on TUSD Governing Board, daughter of CD 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva

Consuelo Hernandez (D), Board member on SUSD Governing Board, sister to LD 2 Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. and LD 3 Rep. Alma Hernandez

Fernando Gonzales (R), ran for this seat in General 2008 and 2012

Vote wisely on or before August 4, 2020. Did you know that 89% of Pima County Democrats voted early in the March 17, 2020 PPE?  To sign up for the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL):









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