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Blog for Arizona
Blog for Arizona
Blog for Arizona authors and contributors (most of us, anyway)

The Tucson Weekly has been sponsoring its Best of Tucson contest since 1987. This year–for the first time ever– the contest not only gives you six ways to vote for the best pizza in town, but it also allows you to vote for the Best Blog in Tucson. With the Arizona Daily Star’s dramatic reduction in staff a few years ago and consequent reduction in original content, the final death of the Tucson Citizen, and the recent sale of the Tucson Weekly and Inside Tucson Business, news from blogs is increasingly important in the Tucson media market.

We here at Blog for Arizona hope you will vote for us as the Best Blog– before the April 30, 2014 deadline. Why vote for us?

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Blog for Arizona as Best Blog

10. Blog for Arizona is a statewide political blog that is not afraid to step on the toes of the rich and powerful.

9. Blog for Arizona has a searchable calendar, with political and community events from around the state.

8. Blog for Arizona is not the mouthpiece for any political party or candidate. Yes, we grouse about Republicans and Tea Partiers more than Democrats or Progressives, but just ask the Blue Dogs, and they’ll tell you that we’re not easy on them either. We care about integrity, and we’re not beyond holding anyone’s feet to the fire.

7. Blog for Arizona has 11 seasoned bloggers and several contributors– including three women. This blog has more than one voice. Yes, Blog for Arizona has a decidedly progressive tone, but we don’t always agree with each other– which is a good thing because that gives you– the reader– more information upon which to make wise decisions.

6. Blog for Arizona has new content throughout the day– every day. With so many authors, BfAZ publishes as many as 10 new stories per day.

5. Blog for Arizona is not a “Johnny-one-note” blog. You know the type: they tell you every minute detail about one issue but nothing about anything else. BfAZ authors cover a broad spectrum of topics– from the foibles of the Arizona Legislature to protest marches, Congressional doings, feminist issues, action alerts, campaign activities, and community events. You’ll read things here that you won’t see anywhere else.

4. Blog for Arizona has the best coverage of Arizona government… period. The Arizona Daily Star and other news outlets rely primarily on the voice of ONE reporter who works for ONE news outlet to tell readers what the Arizona Legislature is doing. BfAZ’s AZ Blue Meanie and Craig McDermott regularly dissect legislation and report on actions by the Arizona Legislature, the governor, and other elected officials. Their in-depth reporting and commentary is augmented by posts from the rest of us. You won’t get that level of coverage anywhere else.

3. No one tells us what to write– including each other. Although Mike Bryan started this blog years ago, he doesn’t dictate to the rest of us what to cover and what not to cover. Even when we openly disagree with each other, no one tells us to STFU. More importantly, we are not beholden to any big media corporation, political party, or political action committee. We have no corporate bosses to kowtow to; we write from our own conscience.

2. Blog for Arizona doesn’t take money from anyone. We have no advertising. None of us are paid.

1. Blog for Arizona is a comprehensive, completely independent news source. We write for you, not “them”.

We hope you will vote for us. Here is a link to the Weekly’s contest. Please read the rules. There will be two rounds of voting– preliminary round until April 30 and a run-off between top vote-getters later. Also, you have to vote in at least 30 categories.

Blog for Arizona was voted best political blog in Arizona by the Washington Post. Help us get the Best of Tucson title.



  1. I didn’t see the 30 category rule until after I submitted my form. Hopefully, I picked 30.

    The survey format promotes putting down the first answer that comes to your head. Some categories– I had no clue– like all of the pizza varieties. I know what pizzas I like, but beyond thick or thin crust, I wasn’t sure about the nuances of pizza. For example, what exactly is “Chicago” or “New York” style pizza?

  2. The rule that you are required to vote in 30 categories prevents me from voting.
    Personally I think their “best of” is a fraud intending to encourage advertisers to place ads on Weekly.

  3. Pam, this post is a testament to the quality of the blog — clear, well written, informative and honest. I remain a faithful reader. I’m recusing myself on this one since I’m blogging over at The Range, but no one will go wrong giving BfA the nod in this category.

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