Recently at a Sustainable Tucson meeting someone asked how many of us ride the bus in Tucson, and out of about 30 people, only 2 raised their hands (including me). So here’s my thoughts on riding Sun Tran:

  1. No worries about driving in town: it’s actually fairly relaxing to just sit on a bus and let the bus driver worry about the changing lights, pedestrians, motorcycles, traffic signs, construction, etc.
  2. No worries about parking the car/truck: looking and finding parking downtown, plus worrying about having enough $ for the meter or time expiring on the meter are eliminated with bus riding
  3. Environmentally friendly: to ride public transport with lots of other people; supposed to save gas emissions for each car/truck not in use.
  4. Sightseeing: enjoy the sights along the bus route without being distracted by driving
  5. Exercise: walking. It’s easy to leave your house & just get in the car parked in the garage/carport, but it’s definitely better exercise to walk to the bus stop, and walk again to your destination when you get to the end of your bus trip. I definitely walk a lot more when I ride the bus to downtown.
  6. Inexpensive: only $1.50 each way, with a 2 hour transfer. And you can use the Sun Link modern streetcar as well, if you can transfer to that 4 mile route (or vice versa).

For more info on Sun Tran, call 520-792-9222, or go online at www.


Choose to ride the bus instead of driving your precious car/truck over those ubiquitous Tucson potholes and avoid getting upset. This additional benefit is certainly a relief when you ride the bus and don’t have to worry about the potholes ruining your car.

For all of these benefits, I encourage fellow Tucsonans to ride the bus, at least once a week.