One year from today, this country may have a new President and Vice President.

Is it possible the nation may finally have the first woman President in United States History? The First Woman Vice President? Or may it actually be an All Woman Democratic Presidential Ticket in 2020?


Why not?

The country came within less than 120,000 votes combined in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin of electing a woman President in 2016.

Remember that Hillary Clinton would probably be the President right now if not for a combination of James Comey reopening the email investigation, throwaway votes to Jill Stein, Americans staying home because they thought she was going to win anyway, or surprising crossover support among some citizens from Barack Obama to Mr. Birther KKK endorsed candidate.

People should never forget that Clinton was the People’s choice, winning the popular vote over Individual One by close to three million votes.

Despite that, some pundits and other observers still wonder if a woman could become President of the United States.

That is not the question these people should be asking.

With so many exceptionally qualified women holding or having held Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Mayorial, and Congressional offices, people should be asking if 2020 could finally be the year a woman captures the Presidency or whether there can be an All Woman Presidential Ticket in 2020.

The answer is yes.

There are already many highly accomplished women candidates that are or have run in this Presidential election cycle.

It is not hard to imagine a ticket a duo that may include a combination of either Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, or Kamala Harris.

Incidentally, the New York Times Editorial Board has endorsed either Warren or Klobuchar for the Democratic Nomination.

There are currently six Democratic Woman Governors in the country with valuable executive experience from Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, and Rhode Island. They along with ex-governors like Arizona’s Janet Napolitano (who also served as Homeland Security Secretary) could merit consideration as potential Vice Presidents or later Presidential candidates.

In the Senate, there are currently, in addition to Warren, Klobuchar, and Harris, 13 Democratic Women Senators (including  Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema) with a wealth of legislative experience that would warrant review for the second slot on the ticket or higher at a later time.

There are dozens of Democratic Women Representatives in the House (like Arizona’s Ann Kirkpatrick) and hundred of female mayors throughout the country including the three presiding over Flagstaff (Coral Evans,) Phoenix (Kate Gallego,) and  Tucson (Regina Romero). A substantial number of them would make viable Vice Presidents or future Presidential candidates.

As Virginia is rightly saluted for becoming the Thirty-Eighth State to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and the country celebrates the Centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote in national elections, it is time to stop asking if a woman can become President and start asking when it will happen and if there will be an All Woman Presidential Ticket to represent the country.

That time maybe 2020.