Will Facebook Become More ‘Brand Friendly’ and Less ‘User Friendly’ with New Look?


Facebook02by Pamela Powers Hannley

OK, I admit it. I'm a Facebook junkie, but my love for social media has its limits.

Earlier this week, I declared to my husband (whom I met when he started flirting with me on Facebook four years ago), that I am bored and disgruntled with Facebook. I even toyed with the idea of kicking the habit– at least for a while. 

Now, I've learned that Facebook is rolling out a new look and new functionality tomorrow. (Every time they do this, I like the site less.)

According to PR Daily, the new look will include multiple news streams and is designed to keep us engaged with the site for longer stretches of time and to show us more "brand friendly" views. I assume this means we will have to hunt more for real news and, as a consequence, be exposed to more advertising.

I'm already really annoyed that on the iPhone and the iPad ads are inserted into my "news" feed. Well, people, expect more.

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