Doug Ducey is doing everything to close down Arizona and contain the spread of the Coronavirus except actually officially saying so, taking the initiative, and leading from the top.

Last week the Governor gave Mayors of Arizona cities and towns the power to proclaim mask-wearing requirements for their local municipalities.

He brought in the National Guard to help with contact tracing.

He even filmed a PSA encouraging people ( most of the ones who did not go to the Trump rally on Tuesday) to wear masks.

Now, with Trump out of town, Coronavirus cases and fatalities rising (especially among the 20 to 44-year-old group,) hospital capacity decreasing, the Grand Canyon State Governor and Dr. Cara Crist, announced a pause in Arizona’s reopening.

Mr. Ducey recommended that people:

  • Avoid large social gatherings when possible.
  • Work from home if they can.
  • Stay home unless they really need to go out.

The Governor, probably fearing the people that would make up his base on any future run for higher office, did not make this an official, stay at home order.

Mr. Ducey’s actions today are steps in the right direction but it is fair to comment that he should have:

  • Taken these actions weeks earlier when it was apparent Arizona was on an upward COVID 19 trend. It may have freed more hospital bed space and saved more lives if he had acted sooner.
  • Told his science-denying base to go to hell and act in the best interests of all the people in Arizona, including the ones who think God (or Trump) will protect them, and issued a statewide order to contain the spread.

Hopefully, his actions the last two weeks, timid half measures that they are, will result in people saying “better late than never” instead of “too little too late.”