The Phoenix Bund Rally headlined by megaloser Donald Trump in Phoenix was a bizarre spectacle that can only help Democrats win elections.


At the July 24, 2021 loserpalooza, there was Turning Points Founder Charlie Beam me to the Alternative  Zone Kirk who repeatedly touted the Big Lie of the 2020 elections, ridiculed the late John McCain and Mitt Romney, called on anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and Critical Race Theory deniers to flood school board meetings. He had the audience chanting “Lock him Up” after saying Dr. Anthony Fauci should be jailed.

There was Senator Wendy I forgot to wear my flight mask at high altitudes Rogers (LD6-R) who, after making the news with several reactionary fringe remarks, posted this likely treasonous tweet:

There was also Gubernatorial candidate Kari I destroy TVs with a hammer Lake who called the few sane Republicans left in Arizona “backstabbers” for not enabling the 2020 Election Big Lie. She also spoke about the freedom people had not to wear masks or get a COVID 19 vaccine (even if it means moving to a Coronavirus grave).

Undoubtedly, the campaign teams of the Democratic candidates: Katie Hobbs, Aaron Lieberman, and Marco Lopez were probably all salivating about krazy Kari Lake becoming the Republican nominee in 2022.

Among the other attendees who barfed rubbish at this spectacle was Trump Zone Jake from Voter Troll Farm Hoffman, JD I want to defund public schools Mesnard, Kelli Chemtrails Ward, Debbie what’s my name today Lesko, Paul my siblings won’t vote for me Gosar and Andy Freedom Circus Chair Biggs.

Booed off the stage

But perhaps the most bizarre event was State Senator and Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Michelle Ugenti-Rita getting booed off the stage because the reactionary audience at this Fox Island event did not think the LD 23 Senator was conservative enough because, despite her authorship and votes for several pieces of voter suppression legislation, she started to doubt the Arizona Sham Audit at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

Arizona Republicans have really gone off the deep end if someone as right-wing as Ugenti-Rita is not reactionary enough for them.

Bye-bye Michelle

Democrats high-five each other

While Ugenti-Rita getting booed off the stage probably put smiles on the other former Party of Lincoln Secretary of State Candidates Shawna I want to overturn Presidential Elections results too Bolick and Mark I was with the Domestic Terrorists on January 6 Finchem, it also cheered up Democratic Secretary of State Candidates Reginald Bolding and Adrian Fontes. The Democratic teams were probably high-fiving one another saying “a Democrat will be the next Secretary of State.”

With the fringe performances of Kirk and Lake, the booing off the stage of Ugenti-Rita, traitors like Rogers, and the assembling of the other reactionary members of the Trump Zone, Democrats would be right to think that with more Trump Rallies like last Saturday’s, Democrats can Win Big in 2022 if they work for it, remind the voters what the Trumpist rally represent, and tell the people how they would work for them if elected.

Matt Grodsky, the Vice President and Director of Public Affairs for Matters of State Strategies commented that while there’s lots of work for Dems to do, public circus shows like the one this weekend only help remind middle of the road voters how fringe and unstable the current GOP is.”

Grodsky’s perspective coupled with the performance of the Trumpists in Phoenix reinforces the themes conveyed in fellow writer Larry Bodine’s article Democrats Running for Congress Align Perfectly with Arizonans’ 7 Shared Public Values

In that article, Bodine showed that around 70 percent of Arizonans agree with the priorities expressed by most Democrats like the Congressional candidates in Arizona Congressional District Two.

These priorities are:

  • Education
  • Health and Well Being
  • Jobs and Economic Opportunity
  • Environment and Sustainable Future
  • Civic Engagement and Leadership
  • Fair, Just, and Equitable Systems
  • Immigration Reform

None of the Trump Zone speakers at the July 24 Bund Rally spoke about any of the seven priorities. Instead, they focused on the bogus issues of the Big Election Lie and freedom from vaccines.

It is time for the great majority of Arizonans that agree with these seven priorities to elect candidates who will fight for them and move the state forward.

The reactionaries at the Phoenix rally headlined by Donald Trump on July 24  clearly demonstrated that none of them qualify as those types of candidates. Democrats need to work hard and fight to show the voters in Arizona that they are.