What CD3 Congressional Candidate Yassamin Ansari Would do in Congress to Combat Extreme Heat

CD3 Congressional Candidate Yassamin Ansari, Former Phoenix Vice Mayor

With Phoenix area temperatures rising to a record 113 degrees yesterday, House Congressional District (CD) Three Candidate (and former Phoenix Councilwoman and Vice Mayor) Yassamin Ansari responded to a recent report, sanctioned by the United Nations, that global temperature increases surpassed the 1.5 degrees threshold to limit the extreme effects of global warming.

The report, created by a group of European meteorological scientists, noted that the crossing of the threshold has been caused by increased human energy emissions and the El Niño storm systems releasing heat in the Pacific Ocean.

In response to the report, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for the banning of fossil fuels and an increased conservation effort of energy products, saying:

“For the past year, every turn of the calendar has turned up the heat. Our planet is trying to tell us something. But we don’t seem to be listening.”

Ms. Ansari, a former environmental public policy official at the United Nations who helped formulate the Paris Climate Agreement and, as the youngest member of the Phoenix City Council, helped author the fifth largest city in the country’s Transportation-Electrification action plan along with the drive to provide 100 percent clean energy buses by 2040, responded to the recent report in the below social media post:

Last week, on National Heat Awareness Day, the former Phoenix Vice Mayor highlighted her efforts to combat extreme heat while on the City Council, posting:

She also highlighted here what she would do to combat extreme heat if elected to Congress, citing an op-ed she wrote last September, posting:

On the candidates website, Ms. Ansari noted that she would support environmental policies that would:

  • Accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy
  • Increase investment into building resilience to climate impacts
  • Work directly with FEMA to declare heat as a natural disaster to unlock resource management capabilities to support our district
  • Stand up to Big Oil who have tried to stagnate and roll back President Biden’s climate policies, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Create new jobs that will help grow a greener economy and lead efforts for a “just transition” for the millions of workers currently employed in the fossil fuel, manufacturing and automotive industries.

The former Councilwoman has also promised to release a more in depth Climate Action Plan like the ones she has released for affordable housing and protecting reproductive freedom.

Stay tuned.

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