The estimate of the huge Women’s March in Tucson crowd that gathered this morning at Armory Park on S. 6th Avenue and marched to Jacome Plaza (in front of the Joel D. Valdez library) was about 15,000.  Lots of very creative signs went by, carried by people of all ages, children, elderly, even people with crutches and walkers…gay, straight, multi-racial, many with dogs, wagons, etc.  Every few blocks people were chanting “This is what Democracy looks like”.  Here’s some photos of today’s crowd.

Large crowd gathering at Armory Park, photo courtesy of George Girard


Crowd at Armory Park, courtesy of Kristel Foster

Women’s March proceeding west on Congress Street to Stone Avenue, photo courtesy of George Girard

Tucson Solidarity Rally at Jacome Plaza (taken from 3rd floor of Joel D. Valdez Main library), courtesy of librarian Shannon Bronson

Many signs said #LOVE TRUMPS HATE in bright pink (see below). We saw CD 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva and later District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias march by, as did many, many Tucson activist friends. Later we heard Ward 1 Councilwoman Regina Romero speak at the Tucson Solidarity Rally, ending with “Si se puede”.

photo courtesy of Carolyn Classen

Waffles the Clown was standing nearby on Stone Avenue and wisely said it was time for people in America to “wake up”.  This was indeed what Democracy looked like today on January 21, 2017, the day after Republican Donald Trump was inaugurated 45th President of the United States.

Waffles the Clown with sign, courtesy of Kristie Rabago, at Armory Park