WTF: Check Out This Insane, Potentially Criminal Ad by Adulterer, MAGA Supporting, Senate Candidate, and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Many Republicans never fail to demonstrate why they are nothing more than a minority group of fringe, gutter living, white nationalist, xenophobic, cowardly, domestic terrorist sympathizing, cult worshipping, mentally unhinged, reality denying, and criminally insane rabble.

Members of the former Party of Lincoln showed at least three times this last weekend why they are unfit to lead and govern any office in this country.

First, as Az Blue Meanie reported, Texas ultra conservative radicals voted, at a Republican convention to deny the reality of Joe Biden being elected President. They also approved measures to label homosexuality abnormal and rebuke Senator John Cornyn and other Republican Senators for supporting a modest bipartisan Senate deal on gun control.

Second, Republican Representative  and January 6 Committee Member Adam Kinzinger, his wife, and five month old child have received death threats via a letter addressed to Mrs. Kinzinger.

What kind of animal threatens the life of a five month old. Then again, what kind of animal threatens anyone’s life.

To his credit, Representative Kinzinger is not cowering to these despicable individuals, posting on social media:

Representative Kinzinger is right. These people are cowards and the great majority of the country who live in the light of truth need to shine and turn out on Election Day to defeat these cowardly forces of darkness.

Despite the events in Texas and what happened to Representative Kinzinger and his family, perhaps the most insane-potentially criminal demonstration of how down in the gutter the former Party of Lincoln has gone is this political ad by adulterer (and accused sexual assaulter,) Senate Candidate, and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

In this ad, Mr. Grietens (again this is someone who was accused of sexual assault) introduced himself as “I’m Eric Greitens, Navy Seal. Today we’re going to go RINO hunting.”

For those that do not know, RINO means Republican in Name Only. Or put it another way for Mr. Greitens and his supporters: Republicans who believe in reality, the Republic, and the Constitution.

The ad continues with Greitens, accompanied by fully masked actors (hopefully) posing as special forces/law enforcement storming a house.

Greitens says:

“The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice…Join the MAGA crew. Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”

What this country needs to be saved from are people like Eric Greitens.

This “man” is repulsive and insane.

To actually put forth an ad calling for the hunting and killing of human beings should meet with both civil and criminal action.

What if a Greitens supporter takes this ad seriously and goes after people like Representative Kinzinger, Representative Cheney, former President Bush, or any member of Congress that certified the Biden/Harris election?

In a column criticizing this horrible ad, Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman, referencing also what happened to Kinzinger wrote:

“When more of it happens (threats of or actual political violence,) candidates such as Greitens will pretend they had nothing to do with it. They will say their ugly, violent rhetoric was just figurative — even as they wink and nod to their supporters. They’ll claim to be shocked and ask how they could possibly have known anyone would take them seriously.

But we should take them very seriously. Violence isn’t something they’re working to discourage. It has become a key part of their rhetoric and their political program. And the worse it gets, the more pleased they’ll be.”

Waldman is right.

These people have become the Twenty First Century version of Italy’s Black or Germany’s Brown Shirts.

The sooner voters realize how much a clear and present danger these “people” are and vote them out, the safer out nation and Democratic Republic will be.


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  1. Eric Greitens cheats on his wives, blackmails women, divorced multiple times, beats his children to the point that they need medical attention, and violates his oath to the Navy.

    Are those Republican Conservative Christian Family Values, or is Greitens the actual RINO?

  2. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) starkly warned Sunday that his own party’s lies could feed additional violence. Said Kinzinger: “There is violence in the future, I’m going to tell you. And until we get a grip on telling people the truth, we can’t expect any differently.”

  3. “Missouri Senate leader says he contacted law enforcement after Greitens campaign video”,

    Hours after former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens released a video saying he would hunt members of the Republican party who he considered not conservative enough, the Republican floor leader of the Missouri state Senate said he had contacted law enforcement.

    “We have been in contact with the Missouri Highway Patrol and hope that former Gov Greitens finds the help he needs,” Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden posted on Twitter Monday.

    “Anyone with multiple accusations of abuse toward women and children should probably steer clear of this rhetoric.”

    .Rowden’s post was in response to a now-deleted tweet from an unaffiliated account supporting Greitens’ U.S. Senate campaign. The account, called @Greitens_Eric, no longer exists. The tweet tagged Rowden, Gov. Mike Parson and others. It said “we’ve got our permit and we’re coming for you.”

    While the account was not directly tied to Greitens’ campaign, the tweet at Rowden illustrated how Greitens’ campaign video targeted political opponents in his own party.

    [G]reitens was roundly criticized for the campaign video on social media and was immediately denounced by members of both parties in the wake of two high-profile mass shootings. By Monday afternoon, the video was removed from Facebook and it was “flagged” with a warning on Twitter.

    Later on Monday, the Missouri Democratic Party called on Greitens to remove the “incendiary and dangerous ad.” Democrats also demanded that the Missouri Republican Party “denounce such violent rhetoric and images from their own candidate.”

    “It is both disgusting and not surprising that Greitens released this dangerous, irresponsible, and reckless ad,” Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Randy Dunn said in a statement. He said it wasn’t the first time Greitens had encouraged violence against political rivals. Earlier this year Greitens appeared in a video with Donald Trump Jr. where the two fired weapons at a shooting range and said “liberals beware.”

    “Eric Greitens must remove this ad from his accounts and the Missouri GOP must condemn this messaging or it will keep happening and each time, more and more of us will be at risk.”

  4. Vote Vets tweets,

    Eric Greitens a member of the Navy Reserves has violated DOD policy by identifying himself as a “SEAL” and using military uniforms without a disclaimer.

    Contact the Naval Inspector General Hotline at or (800)522-3451 and report this abuse.

    -The Navy should court martial Greitens under the catch-all Article 133 of the UCMJ: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Gentleman. “Any commissioned officer, cadet, or midshipman who is acting in an official capacity for the U.S. military and who compromises his or her character in a dishonorable fashion thereby also dishonors the United States and, as a result, that service member may face charges under Article 133 of the UCMJ.” Send his ass to Fort Leavenworth prison.

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