Your online charter school tax dollars at (political) work


by David Safier

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.13.09 AMThe for-profit online charter school corporation K12 Inc. is known to spend money influencing state legislators to vote for K12 Inc-friendly legislation. The latest example: In Florida's 2012 elections, K12 Inc. gave the maximum $500 donation to 47 legislative candidates. One was a Democrat, the other 46 were Republicans.

The online corporation got a good bang for its buck: 42 of the candidates it supported won.

Here's why K12 Inc. was so focused on the Florida elections. It was recently being investigated by the Florida Department of Ed for using uncertified teachers, which is illegal in Florida, by having certified teachers pretending to to do the teaching. It never hurts to have 42 legislators on your side when you're being investigated, right?

ARIZONA CONNECTION NOTE: K12 Inc. runs Arizona Virtual Academy, which is currently on academic probation with the state Charter School Board. Craig Barrett, who heads Brewer's Arizona Ready Education Council (AREC), sits on K12 Inc's national Board of Directors.