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3 years at Blog for Arizona

Three years ago on Feb. 11, 2014 (in the days of the Obama Administration) I joined the good folks here at Blog for Arizona, after more than  four and a half years blogging at the Tucsoncitizen.com, as “Carolyn’s Community”.  You readers have noticed that I have been tirelessly working on posting progressive events on our image Calendar (upper right corner) or online here:


Visit the post for more. … Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area

I am passionate about informing our readers about what our non profits and progressive groups and people are doing here in Arizona.  Some activists in town are telling me that we now have the “best political calendar” online.  Many thanks for the praise.

As for elections, only the Tucson City Council races to report on in 2017:  Ward 3 has (so far) 3 Democrats and 1 Libertarian seeking the open seat (with Karin Uhlich retiring),  and no challengers to date in Ward 5 (Richard Fimbres) or Ward 6 (Steve Kozachik).  Both Councilmen are seeking re-election.

We will keep on blogging…esp. now in the early days of the Trump Administration Stay focused and vigilant, and be aware.

My 2nd Year Anniversary at Blog for Arizona

Well, another political year has passed and a big one is upon us, with the Presidential Election of 2016. To date, 2 Democrats Clinton & Sanders are seeking this seat and still 7  Republicans – Bush, Carson, Cruz, Gilmore, Kasich, Rubio, Trump. Interestingly enough, Cruz and Rubio are half Hispanic.

Stay tuned for lots of action there with all the primaries coming up as we head into the summer national conventions to select the Democrat and Republican who want to be U.S. President. And this year there may even be an Independent Candidate.

Don’t forget to vote in the Arizona Presidential Preference Election on March 22, 2016, so you can have your say in national politics.

I’ve been online here now for 2 years, having spent over four and half years blogging at the Tucsoncitizen.com (shut down suddenly by Gannett Publishing on Jan. 31, 2014).
Please check out our Blog for Arizona  Calendar for lots of progressive events, which has become primarily my responsibility.  I’ll also be on the local campaign trail as the Pima County offices are up for election, as are State House and  Senate seats.
Welcome to our new education blogger Linda Lyon. Read her bio here:
Let’s keep on blogging…in 2016 and beyond.

Phoenix New Times names Blog for Arizona the “Best Democratic Blog” for 2015

From Phoenix New Times: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/best-of/2015/megalopolitan-life/best-democratic-blog-7677833


Blog for Arizona

“Unapologetically lefty, Blog for Arizona proudly wears its Democratic donkey on its banner, sings the praises of Obamacare, and incessantly is critical of Arizona’s Republican overlords. In other words, for this redder-than-red GOP state, Blog for Arizona is an outlier. That doesn’t make its team of progressive opinionators any less fierce. In fact, they regularly draw blood, whether it’s erstwhile Democratic Congressional candidate Bob Lord’s exposing former Republican schools’ superintendent John Huppenthal as anonymous blog commenter “Falcon 9,” or “Democratic Diva” Donna Gratehouse skewering the Rs over their attempts to restrict abortion rights for women. Like Gratehouse, some of these scribblers have their own blogs, but together they form a left-wing Wu Tang Clan, fighting a guerrilla war against a better-funded and far more populous enemy. They dream of a day when Arizona goes blue, or perhaps purple, though a lighter shade of pink may be the best they ever can hope for.


Carolyn’s note: Kudos to fellow bloggers Bob Lord and Donna Gratehouse for this mention.  Prolific writer/blogger Az Blue Meanie should have been mentioned too, but he’s probably still too anonymous.   We at Blog for Arizona proudly acknowledge this award  from the Phoenix New Times.

Affluent white man feels hated by me. Also psychoanalyzes me.

Regular commenter “Steve” recently dropped by on my previous post about Democrat Jim Webb’s embarrassing defense of the Confederate flag to inform me that he is deeply concerned about my emotional well-being.

One thing I have noticed in your postings, Donna, you seem to have an unlimited amount of hatred for anyone who disagrees with you. And I don’t mean just a regular sort of hatred…I mean a deep, soul searing, profane type of hatred that blinds you to much that is good in life. I feel very bad for you because in your blindness you miss the bigger picture on issues and even go to length of erasing posts with which you disagree. It allows you to pretend that opposing points of view don’t exist, I suppose, but it also demonstrates a very closed, very bitter mind.

Much as it will disgust you, I am going to pray for you. You need the prayers more than most, and who knows, it might even help you.

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My one year anniversary at Blog For Arizona

It was a year ago that I signed on to blog here at this political blogsite Blog for Arizona, with a bunch of other Democratic and Independent guys & gals.  Coming from over four and a half years at Tucsoncitizen.com, it was easy to use the same WordPress dashboard, and since I was the event blogger over there, I took on the same tasks here to promote hardworking, nonprofit groups and other community oriented events here in the Old Pueblo (and elsewhere in Arizona).

So let’s celebrate my first year here online, and I encourage all of you to check out the NEW image Calendar, which I have been diligently toiling to update as often as I can with information and event flyers. It’s on the right side of the top bar of our front page, or online by clicking this link:


Here’s to another great year of political campaign reporting, and several hundred community events and politically inspired  films.

Up for election this year in Nov. 2015 are the Tucson Mayor, Tucson Councilmembers in Ward 2, 4, 1 (easy to remember, “two four one”). Tucson Weekly is already reporting that an actor/director/producer named Chuck Williams hopes to challenge Mayor Jonathan Rothschild in the Democratic primary on August 25.   Read article here: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2015/01/27/political-theater-actor-director-producer-wants-to-run-against-tucson-mayor-rothschild. Stay tuned for any challenges to Councilmembers Regina Romero (Ward 1), Paul Cunningham (Ward 2) or Shirley Scott (Ward 4), all Democrats.

Apparently, I blog about reproductive rights too much.

I announced a while back that I would delete anti-choice comments or those dismissive of the idea that women’s reproductive rights are important and/or denying that those rights under constant attack by right wing politicians and “pro-life” bullies in the face of overwhelming evidence that that is exactly what is happening. I got one such comment yesterday and did delete it, as promised, and of course whining ensued by the commenter but fuck him because, as I said, I don’t have time to teach Pro-Choice 101 to people who clearly aren’t interested in understanding it.

I’m going to print part of his comment, though, because it is illustrative of a curious disparity in the response to my posting, which is admittedly (and proudly) focused on reproductive rights much of the time:

I have a hunch this issue took over your life a long time ago and it has now become, if not your life, then a major part of it. That’s sad. Especially when it leaves you so angry and bitter…

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