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Powerful play “Dov & Ali” at new Something Something Theatre

“A powerful dramatic play has just opened at the new Something Something Theater on Oracle Rd.  this week. It is a story by Anna Ziegler described  as “Sparked by their studies of Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a Jewish high school teacher and his Muslim student talk as equals about fate and free will, family and faith.”

It is that, and a lot more…the four talented actors on stage  portray the English high school teacher (Dov) who wonders who he is, and what job he should have; then there is the coming-of-age graduating student (Ali) who questions the role of religion in society; Ali’s younger sister (Sameh) who is dating a young man against her parent’s wishes; another high school teacher who is Dov’s girlfriend (Sonja).   The dialogue between these 4 actors goes back and forth about love, marriage, faith, dreams of their futures, rules — especially due to the undercurrent of the analysis of Lord of the Flies, where a different society was created, with its own rules.  Family relationships are shown, especially brother and sister, children and parents. Differences and parallels between Judaism and Islam are also addressed, through witty, clever dialogues.

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