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The MAGA Cult Sock-Puppeting the Corpse of the Republican Party Screech for Impeachment of AZ Attorney General Kris Mayes

Michael Bryan

Seems we are seeing a pattern here: MAGA wants to impeach President Joe Biden… for reasons? They can’t exactly say why, except that everyone knows they are trying to drown out the stench of their likely nominee for President having been impeached… twice. Now the Maricopa County Republican Committee is pressing the Republican Caucus in the Arizona Legislature to impeach AZ Attorney General Kris Mayes… for reasons?

If You Are a Woman of Child-Bearing Age in Texas: Get Out Now While You Still Can

David Gordon

Texas, the great Lone Star State, that broke off from Mexico in 1836 partially so United States settlers there could have the option of owning slaves, has, to quote AZ Blue Meanie, become the real-life version of the Republic of Gilead from The Handmaids Tale. For those following the news, the MAGA off the right … Read more

Read 3rd Edition of “Wounded Tiger”

Carolyn Classen

It’s Pearl Harbor remembrance day. As a 3rd generation Japanese American/Sansei born and raised in Hawaii (but after Dec. 7, 1941), I am indirectly affected by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. My mother was a nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Honolulu and heard the bombs dropping, and my father was a dental student … Read more

Our Democratic LD18 Legislative Team Launches Reelection Campaign

Michael Bryan

Here in Tucson, the mighty LD18 (D+20) team of state legislators, Sen. Priya Sundareshan, Reps. Chris Mathis and Nancy Gutierrez launched their 2024 reelection campaign from Ft. Lowell Park in the heart of the district. They are running as a slate (you can make donations to the entire team here) and I haven’t heard any … Read more

2023 BICAS Art Auction at new location

Carolyn Classen

“The BICAS art auction is coming back! Join us for our 26th art auction. Dec 8th–9th! BICAS’ mission is supported by many of Tucson’s most prolific working artists through bicycle-themed art donations and will be held this year at Splinter Collective! More details coming.” December 8th-9th 5pm-9pm 901 N 13th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705 Splinter … Read more

In Arizona LD 27, Deborah Howard will Work to Protect Democracy, Promote Equal Opportunity, and Uphold Fairness in the State Senate

David Gordon

In the Central-West Phoenix Arizona Legislative District (LD) 27, Democratic State Senate Candidate Deborah Howard sees an opportunity.  An opportunity to flip the Senate seat and potentially give the Democratic caucus control of that chamber when the State Legislature convenes in January 2025. A former Republican and Independent Community activist and professional, Ms. Howard, a … Read more

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero’s Celebrates State of the City At Her Second Inaugural

David Gordon

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero began her second term in office with a celebratory State of the City Inaugural Address that highlighted the Mayor’s gratitude to her family, staff, and members of the City Council for seeing her agenda through, showcased the many programs and initiatives instituted in her first four years, and previewed her expectations … Read more

Tik Tok Burger is NOT the US Economy

Larry Bodine

There is an overexposed Tik Tok video from December 12, 2022, about a McDonald’s Smoky BLT Double Quarter Pounder Hamburger with Cheese meal with large french fries and a drink. The chump who bought it paid $16, and it’s being offered as an illustration of why Americans are unhappy with the economy. First of all, … Read more

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