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John McLean, new LD17 Senate Candidate, Will Restore Sanity to State Government

Larry Bodine

Successful entrepreneur John McLean announced he is running for state Senate in battleground Legislative District 17. His candidacy is key in Democrats’ efforts to flip the state Legislature blue. He has teamed with Kevin Volk, a Democrat seeking an LD17 state House seat. Democrat McLean is a math Ph.D., outdoorsman, and dog lover. He is … Read more

As a Member of the Chandler School District Governing Board, Zeyna PruzhanovskyWants to Promote Fiscal Responsibility and Support Students and Teachers

David Gordon

Chandler Unified School District Parent and Educator Zeyna Pruzhanovsky has a background in business finance, elementary education, raising a family, and community involvement.  She would like to bring that background experience to the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board in 2025 on a platform of “students, families, educators, and community at the top of the list.” If … Read more

Killing Our Twitter

Michael Bryan

Now that Elon Musk has pretty much officially aligned the company formerly known as Twitter with Russia by cutting the Ukrainian armed forces off from Starlink and instead giving access to Russia, cancelling Alexi Navalny’s widow’s account, and acting as a mouthpiece for Russian disinformation and propaganda, I can no longer participate. Former Twitter has … Read more

Kennedy, Aguilar, and Polacheck React to the Corporation Commission Repealing Renewable Energy Standards

David Gordon

The Arizona Corporation Commission voted last week (in a 4 to 1 margin with the one Democrat, Commissioner Anna Tovar, voting against) to have its staff start drafting a repeal of renewable standards that have been in place since 2006. Suffice it to say, former Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and Commission Candidates Ylenia Aguilar and … Read more

#LyingLoserLake Stops Lying about Recorder Richer Under Threat of Actual Accountability and Penalty

Michael Bryan

Kari Lake has been publicly backpedaling on her claims of election corruption now that she faces actual consequences for her lies. Many news outlets have recognized Lake’s backpedaling, but few have recognized the central role Steven Richer’s defamation lawsuit is playing in her climb down. Seems that when actual financial consequences for lying are put … Read more

Pima Supervisor Rex Scott Delivers on Roads, Affordable Housing and Prosperity

Larry Bodine

Democrat Rex Scott picked a beautiful Tucson afternoon to announce he is running for re-election as the Pima County Supervisor from District 1. Four years ago, he became the first Democrat to win a seat in District 1 since 1972. Since then, he’s stayed connected to the County’s 1.1 million residents by holding 16 in-person … Read more

Community Activist and Public Policy Servant Nikki Amberg Seeks a Seat on the Tempe City Council

David Gordon

Longtime Tempe resident Nikki Amberg wants to give back to the community she loves by serving on the local City Council.  Experienced in public policy and community activism, Ms. Amberg would like to bridge her service in these areas to preserve what is great about Tempe (its diversity, great staff, commitments to affordable housing, sustainability, … Read more

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