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Political Calendar: Week Of May 28, 2023

Send notices of your events to Editor's Note: Due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and CDC recommendations for social distancing, many events are still being held virtually online. We are doing our best to update the calendar, but you should check with event organizers prior to attending any event to confirm the status.  Political Calendar for the Week of May 28, 2023: Monday, May 29: Memorial Day. Monday, May 29, Noon: Democrats of Greater Tucson: ONLINE MEETING May

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It Appears that President Biden and his Team are Better Negotiators on the Debt Limit than We Gave Them Credit for

Last night, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, after a reported hour-and-a-half phone call between the two, concluded a deal in principle that had been mostly worked out by their negotiating teams, to raise the national debt ceiling in exchange for spending and other measures sought by the former Party of Lincoln. It appears that with the details of the deal that were leaked over the last ten to twelve hours, worries about President Biden and his team's

Turning Point USA Goes Full White Christian Nationalism (Christo-Fascism)

This is not new to anyone familiar with Turning Point USA working closely with the Pentecostal Dream City Church Assemblies of God mega church in the greater Phoenix Area. (The Assemblies of God church considers salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, divine healing and the Second Coming of Christ to be its four core beliefs.) Tim Dickinson reports at Rolling Stone reports, Charlie Kirk’s ‘Turning Point’ Pivots to Christian Nationalism: TURNING POINT

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MAGA/QAnon Covid Deniers In Arizona Legislature Host An Anti-Masker, Anti-Vaxxer Political Stunt

In a Venn diagram, the MAGA/QAnon election denier insurrectionists almost entirely overlap the MAGA/QAnon Covid-denier anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. There is just a group of conspiracy theorists in this country who are fucking nuts and beyond redemption with logic, or persuasion or education. I had to research this. "NCSWIC" is shorthand for Nothing Can Stop What is Coming, a QAnon phrase signaling belief that the Deep State and its collaborators will soon be arrested, as it is inevitable, i.e., "the

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President Biden Needs to Stop Negotiating with the McCarthy-Trump-Led MAGA-Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers

It is time for President Biden to step away from negotiating with the McCarthy-Trump-Led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers over the debt ceiling. It is evident from the last 24 to 48 hours in reporting from various media sources that Traitor and Trumpist Enabler Kevin I needed 15 rounds of votes to become Speaker McCarthy is more concerned with keeping the gavel even if his right-wing extremist apostates in the House, who have been openly encouraged by the twice

‘Traitor’ Kevin McCarthy Whines About The White House When It Is His Intransigent Extremist House Freedom (sic) Caucus Which Is To Blame

"Traitor" Kevin McCarthy puts on a show for the lazy media, claiming that Republicans have put forward a budget (they have not) and that they are negotiating in good faith on the federal debt ceiling (a flat out lie). "We are being reasonable, the White House is not." (Total Bullshit). Republicans have taken the federal debt ceiling hostage as a means of demanding ransom, extortion really, demanding that Democrats concede to their extremist demands for which Republicans cannot convince

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Special Counsel is Wrapping Up Mar-a-Lago Classified Documents Criminal Investigation, Indictment Coming

The Daily Mail summarizes a Wall Street Journal report (paywall), Trump classified documents is 'wrapping up': Special Counsel 'is nearing end of Mar-a-Lago probe and ex-President's allies are bracing for an indictment': The probe into Donald Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving the White House is nearing its end, with the ex-president set to be indicted. Special counsel Jack Smith has finished collecting evidence into how confidential presidential files ended up at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, the Wall

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Defendant Trump’s Hush Money Trial In New York To Begin March 25, 2024

NBC News reports, Trump's N.Y. criminal trial will begin in March 2024: Former President Donald Trump made a virtual appearance in New York criminal court on Tuesday for the first time since pleading not guilty last month to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. A stern-looking Trump appeared before Judge Juan Merchan on video to hear the terms of a protective order barring him from publicly disclosing evidence, which the Manhattan district attorney's office will be turning over

Don’t Make Vacation Plans In August – Georgia Election Criminal Indictments Are Coming

Don't make any vacation plans in August. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is clearly signaling that indictments in the Coup Plotter conspiracy in Georgia are coming down in August, and it will not just be Coup leader Donald Trump. Willis is signaling a RICO count that will attempt to take down the entire criminal enterprise in Georgia, including state party leaders involved in the fake GQP electors scheme, and Trump campaign officials and lawyers. This is what special

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