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They Obviously Failed Civics – MAGA/QAnon Election Deniers Demand A Do-Over Election

Update to MAGA/QAnon Republicans Want To Ruin Your Thanksgiving Weekend. These MAGA/QAnon election deniers obviously failed Civics in school. Even a 3rd Grader knows that there are no do-over elections. And yet, that is what these sore loser yahoos are demanding. The Arizona Republic reports, Calls for a redo election heard at Arizona Capitol (excerpt): By Monday, Arizona counties are required by law to certify the results of the election, but protesters Friday morning demanded a halt of the

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Kris Mayes Sues to Toss Abe Hamadeh’s Premature Election Contest

Update to Proving That He Is Too Inexperienced And Incompetent To Be Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh Files A Premature Election Contest. Howard Fischer Reports, Election challenges mount (excerpt): Kris Mayes is asking a judge to toss a bid by her Republican foe to void the results of the election which shows her winning the race for attorney general. In new legal papers, Dan Barr, Mayes’ attorney, said the lawsuit filed last week by Abe Hamadeh and the Republican National

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Pima Supervisor Rex Scott Analyzes the 2022 Election

Rex Scott, the Pima County Supervisor from District 1, spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on November 21, 2022. Following is an edited transcript of his remarks. This article is cross posted from the Democrats of Greater Tucson website. Highlights: Trump-endorsed extremists lost. The Republicans have eviscerated Clean Elections. Younger voters turned out for Democrats. With Katie Hobbs as Governor, Democrats will seek action on public education, infrastructure, and water policy. CD6 Congressional candidate Kirsten

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Happy Thanksgiving from Governor-Elect Hobbs and Mayor Gallego

The next Governor for Arizona along with the Mayors for two of Arizona's leading cities wished Grand Canyon state residents a Happy Thanksgiving. Governor-Elect Hobbs sent an email to supporters that said: From Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs "With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, I’ve been doing some reflecting. This year, I have so much to be thankful for: My family, friends, and community, who have always filled my life with love and happiness. My team, who dedicated countless

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AZ GQP Election Deniers Tag Team Maricopa County Election Officials (Updated)

Update to Proving That He Is Too Inexperienced And Incompetent To Be Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh Files A Premature Election Contest. Maricopa County is now being tag teamed by the MAGA/QAnon cult election deniers. More on the lame duck "QAnon Queen" Sen. Kelly Townsend abusing the power of her office on her way out the door. Senate Subpoenas Maricopa County Supervisors, Calls For Records And Explanations: On Tuesday, the Arizona Senate subpoenaed the Maricopa County

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MAGA/QAnon Republicans Want To Ruin Your Thanksgiving Weekend

Above: Stop The Steal Protest at Arizona Capitol, December 2020. "Second verse, same as the first." Bob Brigham reports, 'Arizona spring': far-right planning Black Friday protests to demand a 'revote' after GOP loses: MAGA/QAnon activists in Arizona are planning a Black Friday protest to demand a revote after the GOP slate of four prominent election deniers was rejected by voters. The far-right Gateway Pundit reports, "patriots (sic) in Arizona demanding a re-do of the 2022 general election have organized

By |November 23rd, 2022|AZ Elections, AZ Politics|1 Comment

Buckle Up, This Is Going To Be The Most Extremist GQP Legislature Ever

The Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican recently published the stupidest damn editorial opinion I have seen in a long time. Voters are done with extreme politics. The era of Kari Lake, Trump and MAGA is ending. Voters may have rejected theMAGA/QAnon Republicans at the top of the ticket in the statewide races, but in the newly gerrymandered districts created by the so-called Independent Redistricting Commission, Analysts: new map favors GOP (the GQP gerrymandered its way to picking up

By |November 23rd, 2022|AZ Elections, AZ Government, AZ Politics|1 Comment

Governor-Elect Hobb’s Chief of Staff and Transition Co-Chairs Hold Morning Presser

The newly appointed chief of staff for Arizona Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs, Allie Bones, and Transition Co-Chairs Monica Villalobos and Mike Haener held a Pre-Thanksgiving Presser with journalists on November 23, 2022, to discuss a range of topics from the inauguration, the budget process, and the continuing election denialism of Trump Republicans. The Governor-Elect had announced earlier in the week of Ms. Bones as Chief of Staff and her full transition team, beginning to work on organizing an administration that

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Proving That He Is Too Inexperienced And Incompetent To Be Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh Files A Premature Election Contest

Trump-endorsed election denier candidate for Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh, lost to his Democratic opponent Kris Mayes by a mere 510 votes (it should never have been this close). There will be a statutorily mandated automatic recount of the race in December. The race, therefore, has not been certified as final. Nevertheless this "wet behind the ears" young punk MAGA/QAnon election denier has filed a premature election contest, proving that he is too inexperienced and incompetent to be Attorney General.

By |November 23rd, 2022|AZ Elections, AZ Politics, Courts & Law|1 Comment

Stunt By Two Rogue Republican Counties To Disenfranchise All Of Their County Voters Will Not Stand (Updated)

The Associated Press reports, 2nd Arizona county delays certifying election, for now: A second Republican-controlled Arizona county on Monday delayed certifying the results of this month’s election as a protest against voting issues in Maricopa County that some GOP officials have blamed for their losses in top races including the contest for governor. The delay came as Maricopa, the state’s most populous county, finished counting the last remaining ballots and the state attorney general demanded that officials there explain

By |November 23rd, 2022|AZ Elections, AZ Politics|1 Comment

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