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Democrats Are Busy Investing In The Future Of America, While Republicans Are Busy Trying To Destroy American Democracy

Democrats are busy investing in the future of America, while Republicans are busy trying to destroy American democracy. Democrats have enjoyed a remarkable string of legislative victories heading into the August recess this year. This is a win for all Americans. David Rothkopf writes at The Daily Beast, Dems Do Big F*cking Deals, the GOP Does Fake Big Dick Energy: It has come down to BDE (Big Dick Energy) vs. BFD (Big Fucking Deal). That’s American politics today in a

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Republicans, YOU Are The Threat To American Democracy

Case in point: Doug Mastriano, the White Christian Nationalist, QAnon cultist, and insurrectionist who was at the MAGA/QAnon insurrection on January 6, 2021, and is now the Republican nominee for governor. "Mainstream" Republicans opposed Mastriano in the Republican primary because he is a dangerous extremist, but guess what? Once Alarmed, Mainstream Pennsylvania Republicans Unite Around Mastriano: Before Pennsylvania’s primary, much of the state’s Republican establishment agreed that Doug Mastriano would be a disaster as the nominee for governor. In

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It’s Time to Vote a Straight Ticket

At least the primary elections are over, and here is the message for Democrats in Arizona: extremist Republicans are dangerous. An optimistic view (and I always strive to be optimistic) is that the radical-right Republicans, led by the twice-Impeached former president, are turning off the less-committed Republican centrist voters who will flock to the Democratic Party’s alternative candidates. This may happen, but I suggest that we Democrats need to adjust our rhetoric and short-term goals to close that deal

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Superior Court Judge Rules In Favor of The Stop Dark Money Initiative

I'm not sure why the political reporters in this state have not reported on this, but Republic columnist Laurie Roberts reports that the Voters’ Right to Know Act aka the Stop Dark Money inititiative survived its Superior Court challlenge from the very same dark money groups (expect an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court). Laurie Roberts writes, Score one for sunshine: Judge refuses to kill Arizona's 'dark money' disclosure initiative: Arizona voters just moved one step closer to finding out who is

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Robert Robb, Senator Sinema, and the Fallacy of Tax Rates’ Effect on Economic Growth

Recently, Arizona columnist Robert Robb, well known for his conservative economic views, wrote a post on his Substack defending Senator Kirsten Sinema's resistance to Democratic priorities for changes to the tax code in the Inflation Reduction Act - specifically increases on certain top corporate and personal rates, and eliminating the grotesque 'carried interest' exception for hedge fund managers - claiming her actions "saved the country from a serious recession." He states that Sinema's opposition to increasing tax rates on

By |August 18th, 2022|AZ Politics, Economics, National Politics, Tax Policy|1 Comment

Speculation Turns To ‘Fredo’ As The ‘Insider’ FBI Informant In The Trump Crime Family

Business Insider reports, Trump aides think a family member informed on him to the FBI because agents knew where to find a specific leather case, report says: Aides to former President Donald Trump believe that a member of his family may have tipped off the FBI about the presence of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, The Guardian reported.  Multiple sources close to Trump told the publication that after the August 8 search of Trump's resort in Palm Beach, Florida, aides

By |August 18th, 2022|AZ Politics|1 Comment

Mike Pence Should Voluntarily Testify To The January 6 Committee And To The Criminal Grand Jury

The political punditry in this country really needs to stop with the beatification of Mike Pence for having done the right thing the one and only time in his life for a few hours on January 6, 2021. Everything he did before, and everything he has done since demonstrates a conniving little coward of a man. Pence defended every criminal act of the Trump administration of which he was a pat, and still does to this day.

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Arizona Democratic Party Reacts to President Biden Signing the Inflation Reduction Act

Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Raquel Teran Chairperson Raquel Teran of the Arizona Democratic Party congratulated President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress for passing the Inflation Reduction Act. In a statement released after President Biden signed the bill into law, Ms. Teran stated: “President Biden and Democrats are laser-focused on taking on special interests to fight inflation, and the Inflation Reduction Act is going to do just that by lowering costs on everything from prescription drugs

Democratic Secretary of State Nominee Adrian Fontes Condemns the Domestic Terrorist Behavior of Trumpist/January 6 Collaborator Mark Finchem

As Az Blue Meanie reported earlier in the week, the national press corp is catching on to what most Arizonans in the political mainstream are already aware of about Trump Republican Secretary of State Nominee Mark Finchem. They are realizing that he is a deranged, devout, Trump Republican cultist and member of the alt-right Oath Keepers who subscribes to the Big Lie of the 2020 election and would do virtually anything to ensure the Trumpists worldview prevails including: Collaborating

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Superintendent of Public instruction Kathy Hoffman Will Continue to Support Teachers and Move Public Education Forward in A Second Term

Voters have a choice on which direction they want to take public education for the next four years. From Kathy Hoffman's Twitter Account. They can choose former Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne who is running on a platform of stopping the specter of critical race theory (which does not exist in K-12 schools) from being taught in classrooms and has been embroiled in several campaign finance and vehicle speeding scandals over the last decade. Or They

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