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Dr. Laura Metcalfe to Bring Accountability and Innovation to Maricopa Superintendent of Schools Office

David Gordon

The Maricopa County School Superintendent race in 2024 may be a contest between one candidate (the current Republican incumbent, Steve Watson) who has been accused by the Republican dominant Board of Supervisors of financial mismanagement with regard to the funding of schools under his supervision and Dr. Laura Metcalfe, a 27-year educator and former County … Read more

Amen, Juan Ciscomani

Ricky Sage

By Ricky Sage The Republican US House Representatives from Arizona are an extreme group. District 6 Rep. Juan Ciscomani tries to have it both ways. He portrays himself as a moderate. To a Republican audience, he says ‘Amen’ to extreme proposals. When they say, ‘Shut down the government and cut Social Security,’ he says, ‘Amen.’ … Read more

ADLCC Blasts Wadsack’s Imbecilic 9/11 Comments

David Gordon

Last week, it was reported by AZ Mirror and Blog for Arizona that Arizona Legislative District (LD) 17 State Senator Justine Wadsack appeared to embrace disproven and outlandish conspiracy theories associated with the tragedies that occurred in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. Among the posts Wadsack made herself or liked were: Now a case … Read more

Take the pledge to go car free

Carolyn Classen

Pima County Environmental Quality department is asking folks to take this pledge to drive a bit less: “Pick at least one action for your pledge: Sharerides/carpool Ride a bicycle Take transit Walk Skip at least one trip a week Telework” These are all noble attempts to drive less, including hosting a car free day … Read more

Gov. Hobbs and the AZ Science Center Promote Greater Ties with National Taiwan Science Center

David Gordon

On an eight-day trip to Taiwan and South Korea to promote the Grand Canyon State’s economic development, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs participated in a signing ceremony where a Memorandum of Understanding was finalized between both the Arizona and National Taiwan Science Centers (NTSC.) According to a press release from the Governor’s office, the ceremony took … Read more

Cartoons of the Week

D. Maitland

Lincoln Project Has a Field Day on Fox News, Trump, and Family Values Hyprocrites

David Gordon

Leave it to the Lincoln Project to produce ads that get to the heart of the matter on MAGA and Family Value Conservative hypocrisy. Over the last two days, the organization has broadcast two stellar ads called “Senile” and “OK Coupid.” In “Senile,” the Project creators envision an alternative universe where FOX News goes after … Read more

Young Protestors Demand an End to Fossil Fuels

Larry Bodine

More than 75 youth climate activists in Tucson rallied to join student climate protesters around the world who are calling for an end to fossil fuels as the earth heats up. In Tucson, several youth activists spoke at El Presidio Plaza in downtown Tucson on September 15, 2023, to demand local action in the state … Read more

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