1. Inspiring talks today at this Social Justice forum, first by Calif. civil rights attorney Robert Garcia, who explained the LA City Project which mapped the green land in California, finding that disadvantaged, urban people had less of it. He said that green spaces is a civil rights issue, and how discriminatory treatment is not the same as discriminatory impact. Then I attended 4 workshops on diverse climate change topics: Heat Related Illness & interventions in Pima County Vulnerable Populations (homeless/substance abusers/mentally ill); Human Health in a Warmer world: multiple impacts & the role of COP21 negotiations(Paris); Health effects of climate on US SW and Arizona and Citizen Science mosquito surveillance for under-resourced communities – a tool against Zika. Latter two talks about mosquito bourne illnesses and the surveillance of mosquitoes (that carry dengue/zika) in Nogales, Santa Cruz County. Finally a panel discussion was held with former CD3 Congressman Ron Barber and several professors – Ben McMahan, Stephanie Buechler, Sabrina Helm and Sharon Megdal, director of Arizona Water Resources research center. All said that global climate change is real, that the SW will have more heat waves, temperatures rising (even in the winter), that vulnerable populations (poor, elderly, racial minorities) will be impacted in the future.

    • Yes, thanks Pam. The movie “This Changes Everything” was shown on April 8 at the Loft. We saw it this past year at The Screening Room downtown and it is a very powerful movie.

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