$15 Per Hour: It’s Australian For Minimum Wage, Mate


Posted by Bob Lord

After spending a week in Melbourne, Australia visiting our daughter and son-in-law, I have to reconsider my views about wealth and income inequality. NOT  

Want a job paying $15 per hour? Just move to Australia and work for the minimum wage. 

Yes, the cost of living there is a bit higher than in America, but Australia employs a concept that's a bit foreign to Americans. Every job pays a living wage. Imagine that? Taxes are a bit higher in Australia, and CEOs make a good bit less. So, life isn't as cushy there if you're a "job creator." But, ironically, someone must be creating jobs, because the unemployment rate is about 5%. Yes, you got that right. They pay the job creators less and tax them more, but jobs pay better and are more plentiful. 

And they have this crazy health care system there. If you're Australian, you're covered. 

Is Australia socialist? Hardly. They just have a system of laws and regulations that works more in favor of average Australians and less in favor of the elite. Kind of like the system America had not so long ago.