2015 Arizona Legislature leadership and committee chairs


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

In the Arizona House of Representatives –

Democratic leadership:

Rep. Eric Meyer, Minority Leader

Rep. Bruce Wheeler, Assistant Minority Leader

Rep. Rebecca Rios, Minority Whip


Republican leadership:

Rep. David Gowan, Speaker

Rep. Steve Montenegro, Majority Leader

Rep. David Livingston, Majority Whip

Rep. Bob Robson, Speaker Pro-Tempore

Committee chairs (because the Rs are the majority in the House, all committee chairs are Republicans):

Agriculture, Water and Lands – Representative Brenda Barton, LD-6

Appropriations – Representative Justin Olson, LD-25

Banking and Financial Services – Representative Kate Brophy McGee, LD-28

Children and Family Affairs – Representative John Allen, LD-15

Commerce – Representative Warren Petersen, LD-12

County and Municipal Affairs – Representative Doug Coleman, LD-16

Education – Representative Paul Boyer, LD-20

Elections – Representative Michelle Ugenti, LD-23

Energy, Environment and Natural Resources – Representative Frank Pratt, LD-8

Federalism and States’ Rights – Representative Kelly Townsend, LD-16

Government and Higher Education – Representative Bob Thorpe, LD-6

Health – Representative Heather Carter, LD-15

Insurance – Representative Karen Fann, LD-1

Judiciary – Representative Eddie Farnsworth, LD-12

Military Affairs and Public Safety – Representative Sonny Borrelli, LD-5

Rules – Representative David Stevens, LD-14

Rural and Economic Development – Representative T.J. Shope, LD-8

Transportation and Infrastructure – Representative Rick Gray, LD-21

Ways and Means – Representative Darin Mitchell, LD-13


In the Arizona State Senate –

Democratic Leadership:

Sen. Katie Hobbs, Minority Leader

Sen. Steve Farley, Minority Whip

Sen.-elect Lupe Contreras, Minority Co-Whip

Sen.-elect Martin Quezada, Minority Co-Whip

Sen. David Bradley, Minority Leader Pro-Tem

Sen. Barbara McGuire, Rural Liaison


Republican Leadership:

Sen. Andy Biggs, Senate President

Sen. Steve Yarbrough, Majority Leader

Sen. Gail Griffin, Majority Whip


Committee chairs (as with the House, all Rs):

Appropriations                                                      Sen. Don Shooter

Health & Human Services                                    Sen. Nancy Barto

Natural Resources                                                 Sen. Steve Pierce

Energy                                                                   Sen. Gail Griffin

Education                                                              Sen. Kelli Ward

Commerce & Workforce Development                Sen. Kimberly Yee

Judiciary                                                                Sen. Adam Driggs

Transportation                                                       Sen. Bob Worsley

Federalism, Mandates & Fiscal Responsibility    Sen. Judy Burges

Financial Institutions                                            Sen. David Farnsworth

Government                                                          Sen.-elect John Kavanagh

Finance                                                                 Sen.-elect Debbie Lesko

Public Safety, Military & Technology                 Sen.-elect Steve Smith

State Debt & Budget Reform                               Sen.-elect Jeff Dial

Rural Affairs & Environment                              Sen.-elect Sylvia Allen


One brief commentary:  Is it just me, or did they go out of the way to give nearly R with a pulse a committee this time around?


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  1. Just reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Term limits are a joke in AZ: John Kavanagh, John Huppenthal, Andy Biggs, et al. They just move from one chamber to another, and then back again.
    Sylvia Allen was re-elected?
    Seriously, Arizonans have no creativity, and Democrats have no state platform.

  2. Kelli Ward and Education. The hits just keep on coming. It is embarrassing that someone allegedly educated as a doctor is so ignorant about education policy. Save time, just get the ALEC play book on education. If we could just home school all our kids or give them all tax funded vouchers to religious schools , everything would be perfect. Judy Burges and Federalism. Might as well just name the committee, the Black Helicopter/Conspiracy Committee.

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