2017 General Election results – City of Tucson


Reporting on the 3 City of Tucson Council races and several propositions for the General Election 2017:

Ward 3

Paul Durham (D) 39, 963   58.80%

Gary Watson (I)  27,373    40.28%

Ward 5

Richard Fimbres (D), incumbent  49,882   94.27%

Ward 6

Mike Cease (G)  4867   6.84%

Steve Kovachik (D), incumbent  42,799   60.18%

Mariano Rodriguez (R)  23,233   32.67%

Congratulations to the winners in Ward 3,  5 and 6.

Prop. 202 Reid Park Zoo authorization

Yes  35,959   52.31%

No  32,777    47.69%

Prop. 203 Reid Park Zoo implementation  (both 202 & 203 need to pass together) – too close to call (see below for update)

Yes  35,866   49.76%

No  36,216     50.24%

UPDATE – 11/9/17, 5:21 P.M  (close, but passing after counting of provisional ballots)

Yes  41,642   50.38%

No   41,009   49.62%

Prop. 204  Strong Start Tucson – early childhood education

Yes  24,223   33.77%

No  47,515    66.23%

Prop. 406 (Mayor/Councilmembers salary increases)

Yes  20,457   28.48%

No  51,366    71.52%

Prop. 454 Oro Valley bonds for Naranja Park

Yes  4,504   28.03%

No  11,565   71.97%

Prop. 455 Flowing Wells School District bonds

Yes   2302   61.03%

No  1470   38.97%

Prop 456  Marana School District budget override

Yes  6932   38.43%

No  11,104   61.57%

Prop. 457 Sunnyside School District budget override

Yes  1816   36.44%

No  3168    63.56%

Prop. 458  TUSD bonds

Yes  30,674    41.17%

No  43,835     58.83%

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Voter turnout was 32.11 %. (updated)


  1. Nov. 9, 3 p.m. update: Prop. 203 Reid Park Zoo implementation now passing by 605 votes. It was losing by 305 votes on General Election Night.

    Yes 41,555 50.37%
    No 40,950 49.63%

    Prop. 202 still passing as well, the Zoo authorization prop:

    Yes 41,700 52.89%
    No 37, 139 47.11%

    So, Reid Park Zoo propositions appear to have both passed. Voter turnout now at 35.7%.

  2. On the Reid Zoo proposition, perhaps people were confused by the two propositions? When I saw how that was set up, I thought that might be a problem.

    I will just say this regarding the zoo. Cities that are unwilling or unable to take the proper care of the animals by keeping their enclosures and other facilities updated and in good repair should simply not have zoos. It is just wrong.

    • This absolutely amazes me:
      Prop. 406 (Mayor/Councilmembers salary increases)
      Yes 20,457 28.48%
      No 51,366 71.52%

      What am I missing here? Why are the people of Tucson so vehemently opposed to paying these people even a modest salary? Every time this comes up it gets voted down and now it has gotten ridiculous.

    • Propositions for Tucson’s zoo, too close to call in early results
      Carmen Duarte, Arizona Daily Star Nov 7, 2017

      Underground sewer, broken water pipes and guardrails need replacing.

      Some of the animal habitats are reaching 30 on up to 50 years old and need replacement to meet zoo standards, said Nancy Kluge, president of the Reid Park Zoological Society, in an earlier interview.

      The society has been successful over the years in raising funds for new exhibits, but the infrastructure needs are beyond the scope of fundraising, Kluge has said.

      Plans are to give the Malayan tigers more space by creating a tiger conservation center that will educate the public about the endangered species. There are only 300 left in the world, said Kluge.

      The zoological society has been in talks with a Tucson company that creates overhead crossing trails, like one at the Cleveland Zoo. The society is also considering other ideas, including a treetop playground where children would be at treetop-level and eye-to-eye with lemurs that are crossing through trails.

      It also is considering have hippos with underwater viewing, and the society wants to build an African safari lodge where, from the second-floor, people would be able to view giraffes, elephants and rhinos.

      The zoo attracts 500,000 visitors a year, and Kluge said it is “the largest attended cultural attraction in Southern Arizona.”

      Critics say a sales-tax increase is the wrong way to finance such changes, especially since not all who would pay the tax support the concept of zoos or visit Reid Park’s.


    • Yes, the fact that there were 2 propositions Prop. 202 and 203 for the Reid Park Zoo must have confused the voters. They wanted to authorize it, yet were hesitant to vote to implement/pay for the improvements. Stay tuned for any change with counting of the provisional ballots.

    • Obviously so did a lot of voters. Since Prop. 101 (half cent sales tax for police/fire/roads) passed in May of this year, many voters told me they didn’t want more sales taxes, etc.

      • Sales tax increase in Tucson on July 1, 2017, City of Tucson Water, rate increase and Tucson Electric Power also their rates increased this year. We’re being taxed or and more. City officials do not know how to live within their tax base. What they need to learn is how to bring jobs here and create an environment where companies will want to don business. Those employers will create jobs and add to the local and state treasury. Misuse of HURD funds as well, these are for roads and not walking paths or soccer fields.

    • Excellent! It’s bad enough we keep the same people on the city counsel or same party that have given us, budget overrides, reduction in public safety and City of Tucson in the Top Ten for worst roads/streets in America. Voters see the results of tax increases have not repaired the roads and infrastructure.

  3. Well the Koch Kash did it’s thing. Tucson officially likes zoo animals more than it does preschool children.

    • But Prop. 203 hasn’t passed as yet, and both need to pass for the Reid Zoo propositions to be both authorized & implemented. Stay tuned for provisional ballots counting this week.

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