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Donkey Feed, September 8th, 2018

By Michael Bryan

Welcome back to your Feed for the Week! Slip off your shoes and strap on the feedbag! It’s time for some Feed…

First, a graphical cold shower: China’s Research and Development spending already exceeds that of Japan and the EU, and is approaching and may soon overtake that of the United States, with dire consequences for the dynamism and competitiveness of our economy.

And now a graphical warm bath: Democrats are well-positioned to take the 23 seats needed to flip the House and provide much-needed oversight of an out-of-control White House. And with the Dem ahead in the TN Senate race, the Senate might even be in play

Finally, Red For Ed marches in Arizona in response to AZSC ruling knocking tax measure (Prop 207) off the ballot, and are targeting judicial retention votes this November:

This Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick is just too good not a share. It literally gave me chills the first time I watched it:

Now, a new memoir by a great American, John Kerry, the man who should have been President from 2004 to 2012.

John Kerry’s Every Day Is Extra is a memoir of his time in public service including his time in the Senate, his unsuccessful Presidential run, and his service as Obama’s second Secretary of State. It might be read as the curriculum vitae of a potential Presidential candidate in 2020.

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What Kathy Hoffman will do as Superintendent of Public Instruction?

Democratic Nominee for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman

At the same Coffee Bean in Glendale where we first interviewed her in early April, Democratic Nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman (dressed in red in support of the Red for Ed movement) relayed what she would do for public schools as Superintendent if she wins over her Republican opponent in the November 6 elections.

A Pro-Public Education Agenda 

If victorious, she will make immediate plans to get to know the people who work in the Department of Education. One of her first acts as Superintendent would be to conduct a thorough financial audit to see how the funds have been disbursed to all stakeholders inside and outside the Department. A Clean Elections Candidate, she has already moved to develop relationships with the County Superintendents of Education.

After her impressive win over noted public servant David Schipara in the August 28 primary election, Ms. Hoffman and her growing campaign team (which will include former Schipara volunteers) has immediately launched a campaign to win the election in November and transition to taking charge of the Department of Education in November.
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NYT Editorial Board: ‘Confirmed: Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted’

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s dissembling, dishonesty and dodging of questions at his confirmation hearing did not play well with the New York Times editorial board. He is a smooth liar who Confirmed: Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted:

In a more virtuous world, Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be deeply embarrassed by the manner in which he has arrived at the doorstep of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

He was nominated by a president who undermines daily the nation’s democratic order and mocks the constitutional values that Judge Kavanaugh purports to hold dear.

Now he’s being rammed through his confirmation process with an unprecedented degree of secrecy and partisan maneuvering by Republican senators who, despite their overflowing praise for his legal acumen and sterling credentials, appear terrified for the American people to find out much of anything about him beyond his penchant for coaching girls’ basketball.

Perhaps most concerning, Judge Kavanaugh seems to have trouble remembering certain important facts about his years of service to Republican administrations. More than once this week, he testified in a way that appeared to directly contradict evidence in the record.

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