Daily Archives: January 1, 2019

Happy New Year from an improved Blog for Arizona (updated)

Dear readers,

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been having problems with our comments approving automatically (or not) for a few months. I’ve been approving the legitimate ones when I’m online.  Some spam ones have gotten through the filters, and I’ve been deleting those.  Because we haven’t been able to fix the problem, our webmaster consultant has recommended we migrate to a new Blog for Arizona blogsite, where I have been posting  quite a few upcoming Calendar items.  Also, for some reason a recent Word Press update stopped allowing me to publish them on this current, older website.  Bear with us as we transition shortly.

Here’s a Swearing In event at Pima County Dem HQ for Jan. 3rd, which is on the new blogsite Calendar, but not on this one.  Note below that flyer time has been updated.


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