2024 Legislative Candidate list for Southern AZ races

Az Sec. of State Adrian Fontes has released names of who has filed nomination petitions for races statewide and in the various legislative districts 1 to 30. Deadline was 5 p.m. on April 1, 2024. Link:


For Southern Arizona here is the list of who is running for Legislative Districts 17 to 21. Each district is represented by one Senator and two House members.

LD 17


Justine Wadsack (R), incumbent

Vince Leach (R), former Senator

John McLean (D)


Rachel Jones (R), incumbent

Cory McGarr (R), incumbent

Anna Orth (R)

Kevin Volk (D)


LD 18


Priya Sundareshan (D), incumbent

Matt Welch (D)


Chris Mathis (D), incumbent

Nancy Gutierrez (D), incumbent

Len Rosenblum (R)


LD 19


David Gowan (R), incumbent

Bob Karp (D)


Lupe Diaz (R), incumbent

Gail Griffin (R), incumbent

Greg Frostrom, Jr. (D)


LD 20


Sally Gonzales (D), incumbent


Alma Hernandez (D), incumbent

Betty Villegas (D), incumbent


LD 21


Rosanna Gabaldon (D), incumbent


Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D), incumbent

Consuelo Hernandez (D), incumbent

Briana Ortega (D)

Christopher Kibbey (R)


So looks like Republican primaries in LD 17 for Senate and House;

Dem primary in LD 18 for Senate;

Dem primary for 2 House seats in LD 21.

Stay tuned for nomination signature challenges. Arizona Primary election is set for July 30, 2024 this year.

Vote wisely.

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