$500 Billion: Gender Pay Gap Is Bigger than You ThinK


ERA-1It is a well known fact that in the US women– regardless of economic status— are paid less than men. Gender pay gap is real.

Overall, women make 78 cents for every $1 earned by a man, with African American and Hispanic women earning far less. Over one woman’s lifetime, that is a significant amount of money. Across the country, that pay gap costs American women $500 billion per year, according to a new report from the National Partnership for Women and Families. On an individual basis the report findings break down like this:

To put it in individual terms, if women earned as much as men, each woman with a full-time job would be able to afford an additional seven months of mortgage and utilities, or 1.6 years worth of food, annually.

Tuesday, April 12, is Equal Pay Day, which was created to draw attention to gender pay gap, which has remained basically the same since 2001. Women will not have equality until we have control over our own bodies, equal pay for equal work, an equal voice in government and the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Equality and Paycheck Fairness for women and minorities, including racial and ethnic groups and the LGBTQ community, is a primary component of my campaign. As long as large segments of our population make significantly less than the prevailing wage (which is already too low), our area will not thrive.

This morning on KUAZ they aired a short clip about gender pay gap in Arizona and happily reported that for Arizona women was not as bad as the national statistic. They reported that Arizona women make a whopping 84 cents for every dollar earned by an Arizona man. Sounds good, right? That’s only $7000/year difference for the average woman worker. (I’m sure there are many Arizona women who would like an extra $7000/year.) Two important points were left out of the KUAZ story:

  1. The smaller pay gap between men and women in Arizona is not due to higher wages for Arizona women; it’s because overall wages are crappy… er… lower than the national level. Everyone makes less so the gap between men and women is not as great.
  2. When you look at women’s wages overall, it masks what is happening with subgroups– particularly Latinas, who make far less than Asian, white and black women. Nationally, Latinas make 55 cents on the dollar.

If you want a Legislator who will fight for women’s rights and civil rights, vote for me in the August primary and the November general election.

If you are ready for reform in the Arizona Legislature, send a reformer to Phoenix. #PowersForThePeople

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  1. I’m not sure if this post was simply a call for funding or if it’s serious, but in case it’s serious….this “unequal wages” mantra seems outdated and unnecessary to me and I don’t understand why energy is being spent on this issue.
    If your stated wage gap numbers are not comparing the same jobs with the same hours worked and the same responsibility levels, then the “wage gap” difference is a false illusion. You’re 76 cents to every dollar thing is not relevant …you are not comparing apples to apples.
    Bottom line: if women are taking lower level jobs, working less hours, and NOT negotiating better pay, then ..whose fault is that?
    I would remind any reader that the best place for you to seek information is at your very own work place: are the women that you work with being paid less for the SAME job, the SAME amount of hours and the SAME level of responsibility? Odds are….everything is working just fine. And if it isn’t……don’t you think we already have enough options available to right the wrong? Do we seriously need to do MORE legislating on this issue??
    The biggest problem I have with this post/subject is that valuable energy and funding is going to a already-addressed cause. Get over it – and move on to an issue that really needs to be addressed.

  2. Lemme’ see… middle age white male…. good job… yup, I’m doing pretty good.

    So why should I care about the gender pay gap?

    As someone with a working daughter and wife, the gender pay gap hits me too, because the people I care about (and live with) are not being compensated fairly, so my household is being paid less.

    And the local businesses that would benefit from the extra cash in the economy are not seeing the full opportunity to grow, hire, and profit that they should, because 50% of their customers have less to spend.

    And the local tax base is suffering from the missing income. So men have to carry more of the tax burden.

    So any man who thinks the gender pay gap doesn’t affect them has not thought things through.

    Oh, yeah, and equal pay is just the right thing to do.

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