Win or lose the election, Trump has already become the nation’s “enabler in chief”


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

I am not saying that Trump did any of this, or even directed one (or more) of his followers to do these things.  I don’t have evidence to that effect.

But while I don’t believe in accusing someone, even someone like Trump, of doing something reprehensible without some actual evidence (guess that means that I’ll never be director of the FBI), neither do I believe coincidence.

From the Twitter feed of Ashley Killough, a producer/reporter for CNN –

Screenshot of the Tweet:

From pics taken by Elizabeth Rogers, a friend, and friend of the blog, near 32nd Street and McDowell in Phoenix.  The graffiti is new, going up in the last couple of days or so –

Arizona: It’s a dry hate.
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  1. I find it interesting that the primary tactic for those who dislike this post is to criticize it by insisting that it says something that it doesn’t.

    And by doing so, they are the ones who are perpetuating the “Trump dood it” theme.

    For the last time, I did *not* say that Trump did, or directed someone else to do, either of the deplorable acts documented in the original post.

    I do believe, however, that his hate-based rhetoric emboldens a large segment of his followers.

    • “I do believe, however, that his hate-based rhetoric emboldens a large segment of his followers.”

      I agree with that. He gets carried away with what he says and idiot followers of his feel emboldened to do stupid things because they think he would approve. Heck! Maybe those people think he speaking specificallsy to them through the TV and telling them to do stuff like that. Craziness seems to reign in this election.

      I also happen to think that some of Hillarys rhetoric has the same effect on her fringe element. I offer the office bombing in North Carolina and the destruction of Trump’s on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as examples. I was impressed with the outrage from both parties to the bombing, so such insanity does not infect the majority of people, the goodness.

    • Kavanagh and Steve are missing your point, probably because they never leave Fox News/WND type media outlets. The people Trump is getting riled up are not covered by the right wing media.

      If they’d visit or go to youtube and search “trump loses civil war” they’d get a different view of the world.

      Or if they’d google “hate groups support Trump” they’d get back a long list of well armed white supremacists who are ready to go.

      Good luck to them trying to search youtube for “clinton loses civil war”, because they won’t get anything back.

      There are crazies at the fringe of both parties, but one party has been touting “second amendment remedies”, and right wing hate radio/websites have been calling for revolution for years. Trump is taking that talk to the mainstream.

      They also don’t understand that if the attack on the GOP location in Carolina was done by someone on the left, it was still in response to Trump’s violent rhetoric.

      • “…Steve are missing your point, probably because they never leave Fox News/WND type media outlets.”

        Wrong again on so many points. I did know what he was saying. I took him to task for the long, drawn out and weak denial he made that he blamed Trump directly for what happened, but I acknowledged he had made a denial. And, I never watch Fox News and have never read WND. I don’t have that kind of time to waste…

        “They also don’t understand that if the attack on the GOP location in Carolina was done by someone on the left, it was still in response to Trump’s violent rhetoric.”

        You have an astounding ability to delude yourself, Not Tom, but even for you this twisted dash of illogic is a bit out there in left field. (Get it? left field? As in “leftist” – pretty clever, huh?)

      • Kavanagh, you’re not making any sense, the answer is of course not, Obama has never said anything to incite violence.

        Obama is a grown up, not a whiny man baby like Trump. How about you and Steve find an Obama quote to prove me wrong.

        Meantime, here’s a few of your whiny little leaders greatest “hits”.
        “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously.” He again promised to pay for any legal fees associated with an assault.
        “Maybe he should have been roughed up.”

        At a rally in Michigan in early March, Trump again seemed to give the green light to violent behavior. As a protester was being escorted out of the building, Trump marveled at what a “fun time” everyone was having.
        “Get him out,” he then said. “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.”
        He then told an anecdote about a brawl at a prior rally that was “amazing to watch.”
        “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

        Trump said he would have his team look into paying the legal fees of 78-year-old John McGraw, who was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after attacking the protester.
        “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.”

        Outside the event, people screamed profanity and anti-Muslim rhetoric at each other while a bloodied protester was given medical treatment. Thirty two people were arrested.
        “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.”

        At a campaign rally in Kansas City on Saturday, the day after the unrest in Chicago, Trump addressed an earlier event in Dayton, Ohio, when a protester tried to storm the stage.
        The candidate said he would have fought the person had he reached the lectern and mimed punching him a few times.
        “I’ll beat the crap out of you,” he then mouthed.”
        Come on, geniuses, show us one time when Obama said anything close to what this little baby of a man has said?

        You got nothing, because you don’t think things through. You don’t verify what you read in your Tea Party chain emails (OMG that’s never going to not be funny!)

        And you call other people idiots.

        • Not Tom, since you have been posting here, you have this odd habit of developing straw men and then attaching them to me. I can’t recall the number of times I have tried to correct when you attribute thoughts or habits to ma based on nothing more than your imahination. For instance:

          “How about you and Steve find an Obama quote to prove me wrong.”

          Why on earth do you assume I have a dislike for Obama? It certainly is not because you have ever heard me say so. In fact, I have often commented that President Obama has done a decent job as President. I have agreed with much of what he has done. Not everything, of course, but a lot of it. And I do not go around saying bad things about him. I respect his wife and him and would actually prefer to see him serve four more years than to have either Hillary or Trump become President. So why do you suggest I find something that I don’t think exists. Why do you even think I would care about the Baltimore riots?

          “Come on, geniuses, show us one time when Obama said anything close to what this little baby of a man has said?”

          Again, why would I do that? Besides, I have already acknowledged your superior genius on these pages, why would I challenge you at this point?

          Your tone, by the way, indicates you are acting as if it is somehow personal or something. Surely it hasn’t become personal…it is only exchanges of comments on a blog.

    • Do you think President Obama emboldened Baltimore rioters? That’s where your illogical thinking winds up. I do not think Trump promotes anti-Semitic acts any more than Obama promotes rioting. How about you Craig?

  2. Using that twisted logic, do you blame President Obama for the Baltimore riots? I have seen a lot of strained illogic in this blog but your post takes 1st. place.

  3. I didn’t accuse Trump of direct involvement because I have no evidence of such.

    No attempt at being “cute”, not at all.

    However, the evidence does support the idea that many of the most deplorable (see what I did there?) people in our society are emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric.

    • You didn’t accuse Trump of direct involvement because that would have entailed Trump spray painting it himself or directing others to do it and that is about the only thing that could be more idiotic than your original post.

    • Then I did not catch your meaning and misinterpreted your message.

      What are your thoughts on the people who fire bombed the GOP Voting Office in North Carolina? Or the guy in Hollywood who used a pick/axe to dig up and demolish Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Or the destruction, defacement and theft of 100’s of Trump campaign signs all over the Valley, with very few of the Hillary signs being affected?

      Do you honestly believe that there are not similar people on the democrat side supporting Hillary? My experience is that you will find “deplorable” people across the spectrum. There is nothing about being a democrat that makes one inherently good.

  4. Criminy! Either accuse Trump of directing it or don’t. Stop trying to be cute with the denial that isn’t a denial. The fact is that Trump haters are as stupid as Hillary haters when it comes to a willingness to attribute anything their little minds can think of to the one they hate.

    I am sure Trump called down and said to his minions, “Let’s paint a swastika on a car window and a fence. But only one each! We don’t want to go overboard! Oh, and get that one Jew hater to scream something stupid that very few people will understand. That’ll help our cause!”

    How stupid can you get in the pursuit of condemning Trump?

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