8 Pima County branch libraries to stay open on Sundays (update)

From Pima County public library facebook page:


Great news, everyone. Our 8 libraries will remain open on Sundays.

Today, Tuesday, May 19, the Pima County Board of Supervisors tentatively approved an 8-cent tax rate. As a result, the Pima County Public Library will not have to reduce the hours of operations at any libraries.

Executive Director Melinda Cervantes said that this tax rate increase will make a substantial difference. “The Board of Supervisors’ decision to keep the libraries open and operating just as they are today is a boost for our community,” Cervantes said. “Now we can start planning for better ways to serve our customers.”

For those who stopped in, called, or emailed, and shared your opinions and library stories,thank you. We love to hear your stories and comments at *any* time of the year.

Carolyn’s note:  On March 11 I reported on this planned closing of 8 branch libraries on Sundays: https://blogforarizona.net/pima-county-library-closing-8-branch-libraries-on-sundays/. Here’s the list of the 8 branches which had been slated for closure on Sundays, starting May 24, 2015:

2 responses to “8 Pima County branch libraries to stay open on Sundays (update)

  1. Well thats good to hear Carolyn. Why was the announcement SO FINAL SOUNDING, only to change again? Politics?

    • Carolyn Classen

      Yes, you never know about funding for public financed institutions like a library. Stay tuned. This is good news for the patrons who use the 8 branch libraries.