(UPDATED) 823,685 Voter Signatures Submitted for Reproductive Freedom Amendment to the Arizona Constitution

This morning, advocates for Reproductive Freedom and Women’s health care led by the group Arizonans for Abortion Access submitted 823,685 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to place an initiative on the November Ballot that would restore a woman’s right to choose.

At a press event at the State Capitol, one of the initiative spearheads, Dawn Penich from Agave Strategy, noted that “one out of five Arizonans” signed the petition making it “the most signatures submitted by a citizen’s initiative.”

Please watch the full event below courtesy of AZ Family.

In a social media post, State Representative Analise Ortiz proclaimed “On to November.”
State Senator Priya Sundareshan. Photo by David Gordon.

State Senator and Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC) Co-Chairperson Priya Sundareshan commented to Blog for Arizona.

“Congratulations to Arizonans for Abortion Access and all of their partner organizations on this historic signature collection effort that has broken records. As someone who helped collect signatures for the effort, I have seen how voters’ desire to restore access to abortion resonates across the political spectrum. This momentum will carry us through November when voters will vote yes to enshrine this right into the Arizona Constitution!”

Before the event, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes posted her support for the initiative, stating:

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3 thoughts on “(UPDATED) 823,685 Voter Signatures Submitted for Reproductive Freedom Amendment to the Arizona Constitution”

  1. Once the amendment passes our “esteemed” Repugs in the AZ House & Senate will do their damnedest to negate it, as they always do with initiatives they don’t like. This should be pushed as a reason to kick these clowns to the curb and replace them with leaders who truly represent Arizonans.


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